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  • Brandon, SD
Asked on Oct 14, 2019

How do you unclog a bathtub drain without using chemicals?



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  • Peggy Burnette
    on Oct 14, 2019

    Hi Jennifer, sorry your bathtub drain is clogged. You may also consider buying a "snake" it is a piece of wire you put down the drain. Good luck

    Method 3 Using Baking Soda

    1. Clean the strainer or stopper. ...
    2. Boil water in a tea kettle. ...
    3. Pour the boiling water directly into the drain. ...
    4. Pour ¼ cup of baking soda and 1 cup white vinegar into the drain. ...
    5. Wait 15-20 minutes. ...
    6. Boil more water in the kettle. ...
    7. Pour hot water directly down the drain.

    Jun 13, 2019

    5 Ways to Unclog a Bathtub Drain - wikiHow › Unclog-a-Bathtub-Drain

    • Ohiorn
      on Oct 20, 2019

      I would first start by removing the drain cover and cleaning out any gunk. You'd be surprised how much hair and soap scum accumulate just where the water drains out. You can buy a special tool for this but I've found that wrapping a screwdriver completely in plastic wrap works well. Good luck to you!

  • Cindy
    on Oct 14, 2019

    Hi Jennifer. You could use a drain snake to remove the clog. Just push it as far as you can and the jagged side will grab and pull the clog out.

  • Sallysmith
    on Oct 14, 2019

    Vinegar and baking soda and then boiling hot water after the volcano stops erupting in your drain.

    • Ohiorn
      on Oct 20, 2019

      I try to do this at least monthly on all of my drains to help keep things flowing. A lot cheaper than a plumber.

  • Homeroad
    on Oct 14, 2019

    I use a long strip of plastic with barbs on it, you put it down the drain and pull it out, the hair comes with it. It works great!

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