Asked on Oct 20, 2019

Are chalk painted cabinets easy to clean?

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I have tons of cabinets and drawers and was thinking black gloss paint on doors and black/ charcoal chalk paint for the frames. Can charcoal paint have a sheen?Never tried it before and only seen what it looks like for antiquing. I want the cupboards to clean easily.

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  • Amazing Grace !
    Amazing Grace !
    on Oct 20, 2019

    I did the glossy look on the cabinets, and when the lights were on at night it looked real crappy. I painted the top shiny cabinets over and used a semi gloss!

  • Shirley Pott
    Shirley Pott
    on Oct 20, 2019

    The only time I have ever seen a nice finish on gloss paint is when it's been sprayed. Chalk paint is anything but easy to clean. I've had good success with Sico Furniture and Cabinet paint in a Melamine finish. A nice slightly matte look but fully scrubbable.

  • Fiddledd224
    on Oct 21, 2019

    I wouldn't mix paint finishes using the same color--- it will look like you made a mistake when you applied it. Instead, I would use a medium finish (like eggshell) on all pieces. Unless you use two different colors--- this could work.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    Lifestyles Homes
    on Oct 21, 2019

    Yes, chalk paint is chalky and a flat finish. As in it is impossible to clean, because it is not a scrubbable finish, and it also absorbs a lot of splashes.

    yes gloss paint is very scrubbable, but one has to do prep work, because any imperfections from previous paint jobs will “telescope” through the new gloss paint. Semi gloss is more forgiving, yet scrubbable.

  • Chalk paint can be crazy hard to clean, and it would need a topcoat besides wax. This lady has painted several kitchens, I think she usually uses General Finishes Milk Paint for it's durability, bonding, & ability to be cleaned. -

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