Asked on Nov 4, 2019

Can you give me recommendations for wall caulking/patching products?

Emy Flint | Semigloss DesignDAllison


Hi Hometalk do-it-yourselfers ! You guys are an inspiration! I have been repairing walls, trim and newly constructed all wood board and baton for over 10 months now. I have yet to find a patching /caulking product that doesn't dry out before I'm done, and is fully paintable, or in some cases with caulk - white and it stays white after drying. I also need it to dry in a few hrs or less as drying time holds up sanding and priming / painting. I hv tried drywall seam fill, several brands but it is slow to dry and it shows up under paint - no matter what kind of paint I'm using you can tell it's been patched there even after sanding carefully, blending carefully plus priming twice! Now that's just totally counterproductive! I easily have another year of this ahead of me as hubby loves this house and wanted us to buy it. Grrr... I'm trying to be a good doobie about it, most days. And we're both in major learning curves, granted. So help me out folks, please give me some suggestions for better caulking and patching products for walls, wood, and wood trim that is fast drying, but not too fast drying, and truly paintable and doesn't go yellow like some of the caulk. (Now isn't that aggravating too??) I sincerely thank you ahead of time! With some solid advice here maybe I can get done in another 6 months instead of another year! 👍😁🌻D. NH

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  • Allison
    on Nov 4, 2019

    DAP Elastopatch dries in 30 mins, but is not sandable. It does however go on very smooth. I use a wet sponge to smooth it to my liking. Keep a bucket of water handy. It will not flash if using latex paint.

  • D
    on Nov 4, 2019

    Ty ty ty! Will try. I do need sandable fill too. Really appreciate your response!



  • Are you using paintable caulk for the seams? Once you paint it, it shouldn't yellow.

    • D
      on Nov 5, 2019

      Hi Emy, there are a few applications where I need the caulk and will not be painting it. So I need it to stay white



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