Asked on Nov 19, 2019

How can I upcycle old pillows?



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  • CribbsStyle
    on Nov 19, 2019

    You could use them to make dog beds or as inserts into other pillow covers.

  • To to
    on Nov 19, 2019

    I think maybe better buy new ones as it is unhealthy

  • Redcatcec
    on Nov 19, 2019

    Hi Pat,

    What's in the pillows? Fiber fill, feathers. foam??? Please get back to us with your answer.

  • Mogie
    on Nov 20, 2019

    1. Use old pillows to stuff a pet bed. Plus the pillows have your scent on them to make your dog extra happy!

    2. To stuff a new pillow with the stuffing from old pillows.

    3. Use an old pillow as a chimney ballon so you don't loose heat up your chiment just e sure to remove the pillow before you start a fire in the fireplace as this could be a fire hazard!

    4. Donate your old pillows to an animal shelter. Check with your local shelter to see if they need old pillows to use as pet beds. Most shelters will also accept old sheets and towels too.

    5. Use an old pillow as a door draft stopper.

    6. Use an old pillow as a kneeler pad when gardening, yard work, yoga, etc.

    7. Put an old bed pillow in a pretty pillow sham and use it as decorative bed pillow.

    8. Use an old pillow as a floor cushion.

    9. Use the stuffing from old pillows for crafts, costuming, etc.

    10. Use old pillows as pads for uncomfortable chairs.

    11. Put two flat pillows into a single pillow case and use it as a new bed pillow.

    12. Compost the feather stuffing if you have an old feather pillow.

  • Homeroad
    18 minutes ago

    I would remove the stuffing, either the form or the stuffing and create a whole new pillow using inexpensive pillow covers. You can stencil a design or just buy a pillow cover with a design, they are inexpensive on Amazon.

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