Asked on Dec 7, 2019

How can I clean cigarette smoke smell out of my house?

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How to get rid of cigarette smoke smell and clean the walls in a house that had smokers

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  • Kriss Hovis
    on Dec 7, 2019

    We used to put out cups of vinegar during card parties. Usually overnight was enough. I would get plain white vinegar and wash the walls in a diluted solution. Skip the one sold in the cleaning isle and go straight to the condiments - it is the same and cheaper. The smell is amazing afterwords. If that doesn't cure the smell, you might look into repainting but use a good stain blocker (ie Kilz) first.

  • Lisa
    on Dec 7, 2019

    Thanks for that.

    I'm buying a house that has the smoke smell that agitated my sinuses that later gave me a migraine 2 of the 3 short trips to inspect the home.

    What I can do to not get a migraine while washing the walls so the smoke smell doesn't give me a migraine?

    Certain inexpensive mask? Or more vinegar solution areas?

    What should be the portions of vinegar delution to be strong enough to beat the smoke smell?

    • Lisa
      on Dec 8, 2019

      Thank you so very much. I'm not sensitive to scents but I might be less tolerant to some as I get older or depending on the stressors my body is gping through on certain days.

      You were very prompt and consider in your reply.

  • Lifestyles Homes
    on Dec 7, 2019

    The kind of mask you want is a P series. P95 will be about $5 and a P100 will be about $10.

    They can be used over and over again, as long as they are stored somewhere safe & clean.

  • Lisa
    on Dec 8, 2019

    Thank you very very much. I really wasn't sure how I was going to get equipment for this purpose. You also provided me with low cost alternatives too.

    Thank you for answering so quickly.

    I'm needing to be purchasing tomorrow morning and now I can.

    Very grateful.

  • You can buy an air purifier. I had to buy one once when I visited a family member. It worked overnight and removed all the smoke smell.

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