21 Ideas That’ll Help Organize Your Life in 2021

These genius solutions will leave you wondering how you survived up until now.

By Hometalk Highlights

Build your own craft paper dispenser from scrap wood

The perfect place to scribble your shopping list and display your weekly menu.

Give everything a home with wood burned organization labels

Attach them to baskets with leather stings for a super rustic look.

Get a handle on your spices with this convenient in-drawer rack

‘Cause nothing messes with your cooking groove like hunting for spices.

Transform your linen closet into a beautiful and functional storage space

Use bins, buckets, and labels to keep everything accessible without the mess.

Stash your odds and ends in a wall-mounted wooden crate organizer

This rustic beauty also doubles as a display for décor and plants. 

Repurpose vintage chicken feeders into a wall-mounted mail organizer

No more losing important mail in that pile on your countertop.

Hold on to your kids’ important papers and art with a DIY memory box

Store everything in file folders organized by age, hobby, or whatever makes sense for your family.

Use household items to maximize storage in a tiny bathroom

Organize products in mason jars, napkin holders, a Lazy Susan, and more genius ideas!

Customize your own drawer organizer from scrap wood

Easy, cheap, and tailor-made for you and your stuff.

Store your paints in a PVC pipe wall flower

When craft storage becomes a craft in and of itself.

Organize your entryway with this vertical wooden wall unit

Complete with hooks for your keys and jackets and shelves for your wallet, sunglasses, and mail.

Take control of your home office with these organizational tips and tricks

From corkboards and pegboards to paper organizers and storage shelves, we've got you covered!

Upgrade your home office with matching desk accessories

Because beautiful, organized spaces inspire creativity and productivity.

Use vinyl cutouts for fool-proof long-term garage storage solutions

You’ll never have to ask yourself where something goes ever again!

Upcycle a discarded satellite dish into a magnetic desk organizer

Hang decorative baskets for your craft supplies and writing utensils.

Use labeled baskets and jars to make your slide-out pantry pretty

Step 1: toss all that stuff you’re never actually going to use.

Hang your face masks with this cute entryway organizer

‘Cause it looks like these guys are here to stay, at least for now.