This stylish cardboard storage basket

Cover a cardboard box with a sheet to create a stylish storage basket for your living room. Get tutorial here

These beautiful sea glass bottles

Wash out your empty glass bottles, and then coat them lightly with some spray paint to make some beautiful sea glass bottles for your mantel. Get tutorial here

Her clever tin can night light

Brighten your bedroom with a lovely night light made with a recycled tin can. Get tutorial here

These Boho-style cardboard closet organizers

Decorate cardboard boxes with burlap and tassels for super cute, Boho-style organizers for your closet. Get tutorial here

This nautical twine jar lantern

Glue rope to a large glass jar to create a charming lantern with a nautical touch for your table. Get tutorial here

Their industrial-style tin can hanger

Hang tin cans from metal pipes for some stylish utensils holders that’ll add an industrial vibe to your kitchen. Get tutorial here

These Pringles can pillar candles

Polish off your Pringles, and then use the cans as the perfect faux candleholders to place on your mantel. Get tutorial here

A fancy wine bottle feeder

Feed your backyard visitors in style with a fancy bird feeder made from a wine bottle. Get tutorial here

Her farmhouse-style tin can caddy

Drill six tin cans to a wood board to create a convenient little caddy for flowers, gardening tools, or anything else. Get tutorial here

These prettified Mason jars

Screw pretty knobs into your Mason jar lids to add a cute touch to this everyday, basic item. Get tutorial here

This neat cardboard office organizer

Paint a recycled cardboard box, and place jars full of office supplies in it to create the perfect organizer for your desk. Get tutorial here

Her sweet floral soda can art

Cut up a soda can to create some pretty floral artwork to display in your home. Get tutorial here

Her colorful eggshell pottery

Break up eggshells, and stick them to a painted glass vase for a colorful piece of faux pottery. Get tutorial here

These pretty water bottle charms

Melt cut-up pieces of a water bottle to create cute little charms to hang on your wine glasses. Get tutorial here

Their simple cereal box magazine holders

Take empty cereal boxes, cut off their tops, and cover them in fabric to make pretty holders to store your magazines. Get tutorial here

Her lovely patterned cardboard storage box

Turn an ordinary cardboard box into a useful, beautiful decorative storage box to help keep you organized. Get tutorial here