Her beautiful seasonal tree

Turn a tomato cage into a beautiful topiary that you could decorate first for fall and then for winter. Get tutorial here

​​A gorgeous pumpkin centerpiece

Hollow out a faux pumpkin, and then fill it with greenery and pinecones to make the perfect fall centerpiece. Get tutorial here

Their twinkling fall topiaries

Liven up your space with twinkling topiaries made from tomato cages and leaf garlands. Get tutorial here

His farmhouse door wreath

Scrunch up pieces of mesh to create ruffled bows, and then attach them to an evergreen wreath form to make a lovely farmhouse decoration for your door. Get tutorial here

A mini pumpkin topiary

Put together a mini pumpkin topiary that’ll serve as a wonderful fall centerpiece on your dining table. Get tutorial here

This lovely pumpkin vase

Decorate a faux pumpkin before filling it with florals and pumpkins to bring the fall spirit to your table. Get tutorial here

Her freshly decorated mantel

Take a walk around your neighborhood and collect nature’s bounty to decorate your mantel for fall. Get tutorial here

A cute fall door hanger

Create a super cute decoration for your front door to welcome fall in style. Get tutorial here

Her cozy yarn pumpkins

Loop yarn around dollar store pumpkins, and finish them off with stick stems for some cute yarn pumpkins. Get tutorial here

These unique gourd lanterns

Turn your beautiful gourds into unique lanterns that’ll one up everyone else’s pumpkin lanterns. Get tutorial here

Her elegant sweater pumpkin centerpiece

Use a hot glue gun to create a pattern on your pumpkins, and then paint them white to give them a lovely sweater look for an elegant centerpiece. Get tutorial here

A fluffy chunky knit blanket

Use your fingers to loop your yarn until you’ve created a cozy, fluffy chunky knit throw blanket. Get tutorial here

Her rustic chicken wire cornucopia

Grab some chicken wire, and fill it with faux pumpkins and gourds to make a lovely cornucopia in honor of fall. Get tutorial here