Lots of projects for pallets. Question: Where do pallets come from?

Are the pallets purchased? Are they free? How do you get pallets?
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  • Betsy Betsy on Jan 09, 2015
    You should be able to find pallets for free. In my area, I see them stacked all over, from the backs of retail stores, to construction lots and many commercial businesses. Sometimes I see ads for them under the "Free" column on Craigslist. It's always a good idea to check with the owners of the business where you see them before just picking them up, because I think some businesses sell them back to the original shipper.
  • Sue Myers Case Sue Myers Case on Jan 09, 2015
    Our local newspaper advertises them all of the time for free
  • Rosalind Duran Rosalind Duran on Jan 09, 2015
    they are usually plentiful, and yes, driving around back of retail buildings is your best bet, furniture stores usually stack some up quickly with their deliveries, so just ask if you can have a few, usually they don't mind you taking them, cuz it's less work for them to get rid of.
  • Honour Min Honour Min on Jan 09, 2015
    Put an ad in CraigslList 'Wanted' Free pallets. Try HD, Lowe's, Home improvement centers
  • Gwen S Gwen S on Jan 09, 2015
    Pallets can be found at big box stores such as Lowes & Home Depot, Wal-Mart. They usually have them on the side or in the back of the store. Grocery stores usually stack them out back also.
  • Ann Blackwell Ables Ann Blackwell Ables on Jan 10, 2015
    Tile and carpet stores usually have some and if you ask them they will probably give them to you.
  • Pete Wells Pete Wells on Jan 10, 2015
    Check with HVAC companies, lots of nice 1 x 4s and 1 x 6s free for the taking! Crating of rooftop AC units, I have several pallet-wood tables and have given away others...
  • Faye Rickerson Faye Rickerson on Jan 10, 2015
    Thanks, all!!
  • Faye Rickerson Faye Rickerson on Jan 15, 2015
    Thanks for the info! So glad I found you !
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