Asked on Dec 27, 2012

Do any of you have a black front door? If you love it/hate it?

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Our front door has been white w/yellow panels for almost 9 years. I keep seeing pics online of these classy looking, black front doors. Any input?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 27, 2012

    Earlier this year i stripped a front door for a client, it was black, it is now blue. She thought about a type of purple but the Mr veto'd as he did not want the "barney the dino" on the front of the house. During the strip of this 85 + year old door I found 10 to 11 layer of old colors.

  • Miriam I
    on Dec 27, 2012

    This door by @Sewing Our Sanity went from black to yellow - super cool: Here's another one by @Design OCD dark to green!

  • Miriam I
    on Dec 27, 2012

    Oh, whoops - I thought you were wanting to go from black to another color. Well, hope those two help give another perspective :)

  • Carroll A
    on Dec 27, 2012

    I don't have a black door. I have seen some that I really love. I would paint one black, I say go for it! Its just paint, if you don't love it, change it.

  • Umm before you go painting it, may I ask how much sun will be beating down on it & what type it is. Most wood doors exposed to a lot of sunshine have higher maintenance & failure issues - metal & fiberglass have also been known to have issues not including the fact that they can get really hot

  • Kelli
    on Dec 27, 2012

    Thanks everyone for the input. How wonderful is that? I am new to this...just today, actually. What a wonderful place to toss around ideas!

  • Rhoda V
    on Dec 27, 2012

    Hi, black is definitely a classic for a front door and I have black on the outside of mine & plan to keep it that way. On the inside of my small foyer, I painted it a bright color to go with my inside decor and that has been a fun little surprise.

  • One of the first things we did when we bought our home was paint the front door black (exterior and interior). It greatly improved the appearance of our house. I definitely recommend it, and because black is basic and classic it will go with everything!

  • Jeanette S
    on Dec 28, 2012

    We see a lot of black here where we live in seems to go with the colonial styles of the black shutters a lot of people use. If my house was that style, I would use black.

  • Becky (J) P
    on Dec 28, 2012

    I love the look of a black door, but if it is in the sun, it will be very hot to the touch!

  • Actually @ my house faces west (direct HOT afternoon sun) and my door is no hotter now than when it was white.

  • Becky (J) P
    on Dec 28, 2012

    my door faces west also, it is white now since we bought a new door, but the other door was painted a maroon and it was really bad in the summer to touch. ouchy!

  • SLS beat me to it. Many newer doors, fiberglass and metal have foam cores that often swell when over heated. If your door tends to become difficult to open and close, or if anyone is thinking a dark color for a door, check with the manufacture of the door to see if they suggest against it. Also many door manufactures recommend against solid glass storm doors as well due to heat build up.

  • Kelli
    on Dec 28, 2012

    Great! Thanks so much. Our home is actually a classic farmhouse style. I'm thinking that the black door would work with that. I love the idea of leaving the inside the color that it is. Our home faces a hot door could be a possibility. You guys are awesome!

  • Randi Destefano
    on Dec 28, 2012

    Our house has a black front door, facing West. But we do have an overhang, and that makes a difference. Any door that faces West with no overhang will need a little more maintenance because the sun will fade the color or "eat" the stain. But a black front door lends a bit of elegance to any home.

  • I agree, paint it black! The white & yellow is tired and dated!!

  • Black is a classic look! If your front entry is dark you may want to think about a new door of same style but put glass in it to bring more light in is also a great look

  • Around the House Landscape
    on Dec 28, 2012

    We painted all our outside doors black and they really add a new dimension to an entrance. Love the look!

  • My front door is black and I adore it! We have a coco painted body on the house with bright, white trim. (We've got black shutter too.)

  • Lane McNab
    on Dec 28, 2012

    We have a black door and I love it. It also has a large glass center pane but we face north so have no problem with it getting hot. We also have a 1902 craftsman/victorian farmhouse style house and it works well. Here are some pics (scroll down for the most recent):

  • Jaderbomb
    on Dec 28, 2012

    I have a black front door and I LOVE it!

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson)
    on Dec 28, 2012

    We also have a black front door, on a yellow ranch home. Faces southeast. It has done well except for the rock the mower sent through the full glass storm door shattered and scratched the heck out of the door. Had to sand it in some places and repaint!

  • Modern Masters
    on Jul 3, 2014

    Hi @Kelli - We just posted a new article here on HomeTalk that covers best tips and tools for choosing a perfect front door color. Stop on by and discover our new Front Door Paint collection. We also have an app that instantly transforms your door and lets you see how a new color would look.

  • Juli
    on Jul 4, 2014

    I love my black front has leaded glass in about 3/4 of it. I think it looks sharp on my white 2 story home!

  • Anne
    on Mar 23, 2016

    Love mine! Black goes with any colr wreath!

  • Lynn Wesley
    on Jun 28, 2016

    Just painyed my back doors black on an old brick Queen Anne. Im happy with it.

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