To decorate or not to decorate this space?

We have this weird little niche above our coat closet right when you enter the front door. Luckily it is closed off to the kids who constantly ask to climb up here. Do we decorate this space and if so with what? Sorry about the picture ~ took it to show a friend the progress of the banisters.
q to decorate or not to decorate this space, home decor, stairs
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  • Brooke Etier Brooke Etier on Mar 26, 2015
    I had a weird space like this in one of my previous houses. I found a decorative metal birdcage that sat up on a stand and filled it with fake ivy (ours went to the ceiling and was only accessible with an 8 foot ladder so it was a little different). Since you have access to this space a plant would go nicely there or you could even use some holiday decor like the tall pallet signs that are popular with holiday messages on them.
  • Lola Lola on Mar 26, 2015
    I know this sounds strange, but have you considered removing the drywall and seeing if there is space under the stairs you can utilize then you can put a door or doors to open up to access. Or just put staggered shelving.
  • Jen R Jen R on Mar 26, 2015
    I would probably decorate. I was also thinking of a large plant (real or artificial, depending on what your preference is). Or some large glass vases. I've seen some at Home Goods that are 3' and 4' tall. I would get 3 of different heights. I like the bird cage idea. Depending on your style: Old suitcase, dried flowers, bicycle, sculpture, architectural salvage pieces. Whatever you decide, I think large and simple are the key.
  • Upstate NYer Upstate NYer on Mar 26, 2015
    With the sunlight available in that area I would try a large potted plant or a fun type of indoor bush. I would make sure to have cascading vines of some type, since that would look nice hanging down the wall against the steps. An overgrown Spider plant (with baby vines attached would look nice too. Pick out what you love best.
  • Moxie Moxie on Mar 26, 2015
    I would close it in back to the other wall (where railing is now on upper level) up top and make a new closet in that space accessible from the upper level and put in a stained glass narrow window near the back wall (not in the closet) to allow the light to filter into the upper level. I like the plants idea to @Upstate NYer ..but the whole layout look a bit dangerous if you have adventurous kids...mine would have been zip lining from the landing or something crazy.
  • Linda Bennett Linda Bennett on Mar 26, 2015
    Depending on your theme some of those big clay pots that lay on their sides would look good for a start and go with it from there.
  • Don1459676 Don1459676 on Mar 28, 2015
    No leave this space clear but decorate the wall going up the stairs. Would look good with a collection of items example ceramic hearts of varying sizes or photo frames just make sure layout is balanced.Best of luck the focal point is the wall not the top of the closet just my opinion.
  • An oversized clock would be cute there or other oversize art piece that compliments the colors and them of your room.
  • Sara Sara on Mar 29, 2015
    La puerta que se ve allí, es de alguna habitación en particular como una pieza de guardar? , se me ocurre colocar una pieza de grn tamaño, como una sola planta, no muchas porque se va a ver saturado.
  • Jean Thompson Jean Thompson on Mar 30, 2015
    I would leave it empty and just decorate the walls going up the stairs with a Grouping of Paintings or Photos or a wall hanging...on both walls going up... that area would be hard to Dust for sure..
  • J J on Mar 30, 2015
    if it were me, I would call in a professional whose work you have seen and love.
  • Michelle Herzog Michelle Herzog on Mar 30, 2015
    Thanks all! I'm still going back and forth but am beginning to play with your ideas :)
  • Aileen Aileen on Apr 02, 2015
    I don't know if this is a practical solution or not, but if the top of it is level with the floor and is structurally sound to stand on, you could move the railing to incorporate that space to the upper hallway and put an interesting table with flowers or a chair there.