Redoing wood paneling

Just bought a deer camp with LOTS of wood paneling. Would like something pretty, but still "campy". Any ideas?
q redoing wood paneling, home decor, painting, wall decor
q redoing wood paneling, home decor, painting, wall decor
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  • Steffany king Steffany king on Apr 23, 2015
    Paint paint paint. I have the same in my house tired of all the darkness in the house I've painted it and it brighten up in there,makes every room look bigger too. It is alot of hassle because u can't just put one coat it takes two or three but the finished project is well worth the hassle. Change it up some don't paint all walls the same color just get colors that coincide with each other. Have fun, I hope this helped you out.
    • GCourson GCourson on Apr 23, 2015
      @Steffany king Thank you so much! Did you have to sand it before you did it or just paint right over it?
  • Steffany king Steffany king on Apr 23, 2015
    At first I did then I took a chance on not sanding and it worked out the same. I used a latex semi gloss paint and it covered just fine without sanding. The lighter the color the more coats you have to put,my kitchen is a moss green and it only took two,my dining room is sandalwood and it took three coats so the lighter the color the more coats
  • Steffany king Steffany king on Apr 23, 2015
    Sure no problem any time
  • Lori T Lori T on Apr 23, 2015
    It doesn't take so many coats if you put primer on it first. Or stain killing paint that covers dark colors . That's what we did to the paneling in my house. Use Kills stain cover.
  • Upstater Upstater on Apr 23, 2015
    Use stain hiding primer first on all the dark "stripes" in between the wood and every knot. Then again on everything. Then paint with latex paint, touch up or another coat as needed.
  • Country Design Home Country Design Home on Apr 24, 2015
    Lucky you!! Love the campy look. You can definitely paint out the old paneling with a good primer and latex paint to get a nice even finish coat. Maybe on a room or two you could change it up and just dry-brush to give the wood a distressed look rather than just a painted finish?
  • Susy Wells Susy Wells on Apr 24, 2015
    I'm wanting to paint my paneling. We live on the lake and I love the ocean. IM wanting to white wash or the look like a old fench going down to the ocean.. If that makes sence.. I was told I needed to sand it first.. On our main wall its ocean green blue.. The paneling IM wanting to do is around the patio doors looking out over the lake .. Does anyone have any ideals how I can do this ? I need input bad...
    • GCourson GCourson on Apr 24, 2015
      @Susy Wells I like the idea of the distressed look that Sue@countrydesignhome gave and Rose about only using 1 coat to let the grain show through
  • Rose Degroat Rose Degroat on Apr 24, 2015
    Instead of painting it a solid color try painting 1 cat of eggshell and let the wood grain shine thru. Good luck an happy paintng.
  • Lanet Tolzin Lanet Tolzin on Apr 24, 2015
    We had paneling in our old farm house that was painted and I hated it but didn't want to remove it and start over so this is what I did! I filled in all the cracks with a putty knife and let dry over night. Then I went back and filled them in again due to shrinkage or not getting enough in the first time because I didn't to much excess to sand. After it dried I sanded it smooth and had it texturized very heavy as you can see in the photos. I put on a thick coat of primer and then painted. When we have guests over they think we remodeled and they are all amazed when I tell them what I did! It was a lot of work but it looks great and it was so much cheaper than having it removed and sheet rocked!
  • Molly Molly on Apr 24, 2015
    I would paint the ceiling darker, with off white beams, then paint the paneling an off white and paint on silhouettes of birch trees or get birch tree wall paper. Then use some slabs of sliced tree trunks for headboards add in some red and grey plaid and faux fur. I have seen the faux fur type blankets used of the walls with a great effect. Have fun doing whatever you decide. Good Luck!
  • Barbara Barbara on Apr 24, 2015
    The paneling in my daughters room wasn't so dark, but we used Kilz as a primer and then took a tiny brush for each of the dark lines between 'planks' and went over the whole room again with the Kilz. We rolled on a pastel blue with a paint grade shimmer (like a very fine glitter - shes a girl after all!) The room turned out beautifully. Pretty curtains and a new ceiling fixture and bedding and she loved it! We never had any issues with chipping or peeling and our daughter was 6 or 7 at the time and a gymnast! We did wash down the walls with TSP solution before we started the project and damp toweled the walls before breaking out the paint. Or, you could wallpaper!
  • Moxie Moxie on Apr 24, 2015
    In the main area I would remove some paneling and replace with drywall trimed with molding to make collage sections and bulliten board type areas so you still have pics and notices but more balanced eith nice welcoming color background.maybe find some decore items like a totem pole or something to create/divide diffrrent spaces
  • Jonna Gallucci Jonna Gallucci on Apr 24, 2015
    Just paint. My trailer is all panelling. Ugly! I painted, cheap an looks awesone.
  • Sharon de Vries Sharon de Vries on Apr 24, 2015
    do you get HGTV theres a program called Sarahs Cabin redo…she pained walls white and the ones she wanted some would finish she white washed and painted floors green blue green or grey and added pops of color with bedding pillows and curtains…like blues in bedrooms and dark blues in living space with green accents…hope you can see the program its canadian based but i love her designs….good luck and its only paint if you like get those sample pots and paint different areas and see what gets your mojo going…lots of luck hope this helps…
  • Randy Randy on Apr 25, 2015
    1/4" drywall over the upper half, top with chair rail or trim