Asked on Jul 11, 2015

Piano makeover HEEEELLLP

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I saw online those amazing piano redos in to a bar. I absolutely loved it and it didn't seem to be so difficult so I gave it a try. The first part was easy all the parts were loose. But now I am stuck. The back turned out to be different from those I saw online. There is also a massive metal plate inside which is screwed from the bottom. I already removed almost every screw but a few are left because I can't get them out.
The ugliest one is one from the bottom. I can't get it out because its damaged. The screwdriver doesn't fit.
I even cut the massive wood in the middle because I thought it could somehow help me to go a step further. I don't want to cut the bottom too. :(
Please.. any suggestions and ideas are more than welcome. Thank you.
Let me know if you need any further information.
Black part is massiv metal
The bottom from the top.
Those are the screws from the bottom. There is a smaller one left. The one i can't get out. It dosnt have a mutter.
The back of the piano.
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  • Ilham
    on Jul 11, 2015

    Pictur 3. Sorry. Ment a screw nut. Hope thats right.

  • Darla
    on Jul 12, 2015

    You might ask a local handyman. They have to deal with stripped screws all the time. There are special bits you can get to remove stripped screws. Here are some links:

  • Kathleen Conery
    Kathleen Conery
    on Jul 12, 2015

    Could you get a hack saw and just cut through the screw? You're going to need to re-face things anyway? BTW, I had never heard of piano into bar conversions so I went and googled... there are some really cool ones out there! Good luck with this!

  • CK
    on Jul 12, 2015

    As a decorator and the wife of a Registered Piano Technician my first thought was "Oh my goodness! She's taken FAR too much apart." The metal is called the plate. You're better off leaving it in place because it is SUPER DUPER heavy!!!! And you can probably build over it for making the piano into a bar. Wish I had more information to help you with but at this point in your demolition, you're better off getting really creative and working with it "as is". .... Or junk it and find another piano. Look at links online for "pianos made into bars" and you'll get some good ideas.

    • Ilham
      on Jul 12, 2015

      Thank you for your comment. Well i allrrady have gone this far. So i am somhow going to find a way to make it. ☺ thanks anyway

  • Funnygirl
    on Jul 12, 2015

    Simple,use a reciprocating saw with a wood blade to remove the wood pieces,the switch the blade Kent for metal to cut the nails between the metal plate and the wood frame.Hope that helps send us a picture!!!

  • Mary
    on Jul 13, 2015

    I saw a grand piano made into a fountain for outside in the garden. The water flowed off the keys .... really cool!

  • Stacey @ 23 White Terrace
    Stacey @ 23 White Terrace
    on Jul 13, 2015

    I would cut the screw off with a reciprocating saw using a metal blade. Also, I would leave the metal piece, won't it be covered when you reassemble the piano? If you can get it out, it is going to be a two person lift, as you know it is super heavy! I probably wouldn't have cut the wood off the back, but it's a little late for that. ;) We are currently working on this same project on a piano that looks very similar.

  • Ilham
    on Jul 19, 2015

    Thank you everyone for your help. I think i found a solution and i hope its going to work. :) THANKS AGAIN

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