Asked on Jul 24, 2015

Cheap way to get bed off floor



Our Ikea bed frame broke after 6 or 7 years. Money is really tight. Is there a cheap way we can get mattress and box bring off floor and when I say cheap I mean basically almost free -lol. Thank you!
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  • Anne Alexander
    Anne Alexander
    on Jul 24, 2015

    My first thought is to go on Craig's List and watch the FREE listing you will be amazed at the bed frames, wood, cement blocks, etc. I think you will something that will work for you project...look forward to pics if you find something really cool...

  • Funnygirl
    on Jul 24, 2015

    You can always do it with pallets.multiple ideas on hometalk or pinterest

  • Sheryll S
    Sheryll S
    on Jul 24, 2015

    Yes, what the other two said. If nothing else, go to HD and buy their 1 x 4 x 12's and use those for a support. I think they are around $3.40 ish now. I use those for about EVERYTHING. I made my headboard with them and it is great (if I do say so myself).

  • Neva Dew
    Neva Dew
    on Jul 24, 2015

    Wouldn't work for me (bad back and all that), but just stack the mattress and box spring. If they happen to be the super thick ones then your bed wouldn't be too low down and you'll have a modern, minimalist look.

  • Kristine Fiddelke
    Kristine Fiddelke
    on Jul 24, 2015

    I used concrete blocks in each corner and a couple in the middle once. Good Luck.

  • Kathleen M Palmer
    Kathleen M Palmer
    on Jul 24, 2015

    Search free items on local Craigslist site. There are always free & sometimes really nice bed frames on there. Good luck😊

  • DJ
    on Jul 24, 2015

    Go to good will get a bed frame for around $4.00. Wipe it down and you are ready to go.

  • Dae
    on Jul 24, 2015

    Thanks so much to you all. I really appreciate your suggestions.

  • Julies1949
    on Jul 25, 2015

    Use wooden palletts- you can find them free everywhere

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