Asked on Oct 06, 2015

Can I ask Home Depot to cut my wood?

Miriam Illions
by Miriam Illions
I'm seriously considering making this twisty side table that I fell in love with here on Hometalk (By Chasing A Dream), but cutting the wood is a bit too ambitious for me.
I was wondering if I can simply buy the wood at Home Depot and give them the cut list. Will they cut it for me? Has anyone done that?
Here's her incredible how-to, btw:
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 06, 2015
    Awesome table. Yes I believe they will still cut the wood for you. Just an FYI as there are not to many enthusiastic associates anymore (like the old days) PS I use to work there I would recommend you calling ahead and speak only to a manager before going just in case.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 06, 2015
    I will be curious please let me know the outcome.
    • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Oct 06, 2015
      @Janet Pizaro I certainly will! In fact, I'll be dancing on the rooftops if I get this done, lol! Thanks so much for your tip.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 06, 2015
    once a homedepot-ite always.In fact when I do go I want to scream with the poor service.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 06, 2015
    ok there crossed
  • I have had no luck with Home Depot cutting wood for me. Lowes was not much more helpful. One store wanted to be helpful but their machine was broken. The other store a manager agreed to do it because I wasn't asking for too much but the guy who was cutting it was a pain in the bootie. Wishing you luck that you find a store with customer focused service!
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    • Carolyn Young Carolyn Young on Feb 07, 2020

      I looked at the HD site and it states that the first 12 cuts are free. After that they charge approximately 25 cents a cut.

      There ya go! I'm going to ask if they will do a circular cut, lol.

  • I know at Lowes they have told me they will make 4 cuts free, anything after that they charge. I've never had them cut more than that so I don't know if it's a reasonable cost. I've also only ever had them cut basic straight lines (usually to cut a large piece down so I can fit it in my van). Following this to see what happens!
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 06, 2015
    Ladies dont be so negative. Trust me that is a no win situation.You need to realize where ever you go these associates do not care. Its up to us to make situations possible.
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    • BevTexas BevTexas on Oct 07, 2015
      Hmmm...okay. I've never worked for either company, so I'm not an expert. I'm simply stating my view as a consumer.
  • Theresa Theresa on Oct 06, 2015
    Yes they will cut anything for you. Just go and ask, I have had it done, Rona does it, as well. All the big box stores do. That is how they get customers in and how they keep them coming back, and another thing, if you have a smaller lumber yard, maybe you can make friends with them in case you ever need other things done for other projects, and then they will be able to assist you more better and not like an idiot but like a peer like you are. Just make sure you have the markings of where you want the wood cut with chalk, exactly the right amount, and measure it from the bottom so you are cutting the correct amount off. Good Luck in this project.
    • Z Z on Oct 07, 2015
      @Theresa, not all the big box stores have the ability to cut wood. Menard's doesn't. They are located all over the Midwest. We personally don't care for them. Their return policy is horrible and their customer service is lacking even though they have plenty of clerks crowded around "service" desks through out the store. When we can't find something at HoDe or Ls we do stop in and have recently found a clerk that is willing to pull themselves away from the service desk. Many people like them though as they are always busy.
  • Z Z on Oct 06, 2015
    Miriam, even though we have a wood work shop in our basement we have plywood cut all the time at our local HoDe stores. We do so because of a neck injury. Long story, short version. I was helping guide wood from other side of the table saw and strained my neck. Big time. They will not make cross cuts even if they are right angles of the other cuts. My guess on the reason would be so they are not overwhelmed with folks having them make all the cuts in any given project. So if you are buying a piece of wood, if they are not busy and have someone available to take the time, they'll make any number of cuts you need as long as they are all in one direction. We have never been charged for any cuts even when we said we'd be happy to pay for them. The problem for you is, they don't have the equipment or jig that Chasing a Dream used to make her double angled cut.
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    • Z Z on Oct 07, 2015
      @Miriam I I just wrote another reply on this before realizing you'd commented here. I do think a plan b is necessary.
  • Theresa Bradshaw Theresa Bradshaw on Oct 06, 2015
    I have worked for both companies and they will cut wood for you however they are only set up to cut length and width. The angle cut for this project isn't something they are set up to do. Do you have a neighbor or friend that does woodwork? Maybe they can assist? It really isn't a novice cut on a saw table.
  • If you ask a sympathetic manager (which may be hard to find!) they may set you up with someone to do your cuts for free. My husband works at HD and was tasked with making 100 little wooden crates for wedding reception decor- all the bride and groom had to pay for was the wood.
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    • Z Z on Oct 07, 2015
      @That's awesome Christine. We have always had great help at HoDe. Granted we have never asked for much when it comes to cutting other than the number of straight cuts, but we are known well at the two closest locations to us. Many of the old timers remember us from when we were building our home. The designers in the kitchen department used to tease us about being the couple with the weird kitchen.
  • Nikki Nikki on Oct 07, 2015
    I have always had them cut my wood, Actually they just cut a large piece of beadboard paneling for me yesterday. I'm really shocked how many people have had bad service because they have never said no when I have asked at any my local stores.
  • Vicki Vicki on Oct 07, 2015
    They've only ever cut it down like a straight cut for me they won't do precision cuts
  • Hanu Hanu on Oct 07, 2015
    I was told at my local HD in Hayward, CA, that the first two cuts are free, but any cuts after that, they would charge a small fee. I dont recall the exact price, but i do recall that whatever the amount was, it was minimal & insignificant, worth the $, especially if you dont have the means of doing it yourself. Time is $, right? Plus, it's a whole lot easier hauling that wood around & back to wherever its final destination to work on will be, after the cuts are made in store. Happy woodworking to ya!
  • Eileen Serletic Eileen Serletic on Oct 07, 2015
    Usually Lowe's is more likely to cut wood for you, especially if it's purchased there.
    • Carolyn Young Carolyn Young on Feb 07, 2020

      Actually, I've found HD to be more generous. In many of these cases in this thread, I get the feeling that it can depend on how slammed the employees are work-wise & their character.

      HD=12 cuts free & 25 cents per cut thereafter.

      Lowes will cut a couple then charge.

      HD is more knowledgeable across the board anyway. They help you with everything you need & will actually ask you what else they can help you with. They take me to the next item and so on. Lowes is limited in training & less customer friendly, imo.

  • Bonnie Bonnie on Oct 07, 2015
    Lowes: first cut free....thereafter 25¢ per cut.....
  • Pis2225486 Pis2225486 on Oct 07, 2015
    They will cut the wood for you... sometimes it doesn't come out straight so be aware of that. On a side note: consider taking a class and learning how to use saws... YES, they are scary (a little fear of them is healthy) and even scarier because most of these toold are made for men with the upper body strength to control them... but not all. Ryobi makes a lighter circular that felt pretty good to me when I picked it up. It was a touch smaller too which is good because I have smaller hands. When I took a natural building class last year they taught us how to use some tools. All 13 people were women in the 5 week course and we felt so empowered!
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    • Z Z on Oct 09, 2015
      @Thank you Miriam. It's really very basic. The tools do all the work.
  • Karen Karen on Oct 07, 2015
    They won't do mitre cuts. And I was just told at Lowes that they had quit doing project cuts. They will only cut the lumber so it will fit in your car. If HD still cuts, I'll be doing my project shopping there from now on.
  • Pis2225486 Pis2225486 on Oct 07, 2015
    Miriam - You totally should! And... you CAN do it. Ultimately, being able to use power tools etc. requires an understanding of how they work, how they move, what makes them act out and listening for the sounds and feeling that, tool safety and how your body interacts with that tool. In martial arts they teach that every weapon becomes an extension of yourself. Same with tools. You learn to adjust your body position, weight, etc. as you work with the tool. AND, you don't need to start off cutting a plywood sheet in half. Start with a 1X2 and cut one foot pieces off as you learn or whatever your instructor recommends. When I started, I was terrified! Now, I am confident and instead of cutting with the tool farthest away, I'm confident in cutting normally. I found one thing is this... if you pick up a tool and it doesn't FEEL safe, get help from an instructor or put the tool down and know it's not the right weight, etc. or you need more practice... Eleanor Roosevelt sad: "You must do the things you think you cannot do" I think you should go for it if you want it! :-)
  • Judy Judy on Oct 07, 2015
    Really depends on the store personnel at both Home Depot & Lowes, time of day and season. You have a better chance if it is a slow time of day and not during an sale or holiday. As a norm they don't do small cuts less then 12". By the way love the table.
  • MaryAnn B MaryAnn B on Oct 07, 2015
    Ask a friend, a friend's husband or wife, or a neighbor that you know has a table saw and does some small building projects. I have a neighbor who is always looking for a project and has gladly put some projects together for me. He knows I can do it myself but when I ask for help he does it for me.....
  • Ann Ann on Oct 07, 2015
    I asked one of the other big box stores/lumber-hardware stores if they would cut for me so it would fit in my car and they said too many people asked them to cut then changed their minds or complained it was wrong when they gave the wrong measurements, so they don't anymore.
  • This table is amazing, @Miriam I - My oldest son was making a project for one of his courses and Home Depot did make the cuts for him but not the angled cuts and their measurements were off a bit so we had to redo several of the pieces ourselves.
  • Lora (Howard) Cotton Lora (Howard) Cotton on Oct 07, 2015
    Miriam, in the HD's or Lowes I've visited (OH, NC, VA, FL and TX) I have always seen signs indicating that they WILL cut your wood for you, but that they only make 2 cuts for free, after that it costs you between $.50 to $1.50 per cut. Another possibility is to go during the day - when the "older generation" is working - and try to find someone over say 30 who works in the lumber area. Explain your situation to them, and ask them if - the store won't allow them to cut it there - they would be interested in making a few extra $$ after work. Many of them have the tools at home and some will be wiling to meet you at the store after their shift - so you can buy the wood - then they will take the wood home with them to do the cutting, the you can meet with them the next day to pick up.
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    • Miriam Illions Miriam Illions on Oct 08, 2015
      @Lora (Howard) Cotton genius. Thank you!!
  • Rosalie chow Rosalie chow on Oct 07, 2015
    Yes, they will cut the wood for you. As long as you have the measurement for them. They will charge you 50 cents or more per cut. Good luck.
  • Branka Clemens Branka Clemens on Oct 08, 2015
    My local Lowes does. I can't remember what they charge but I've never paid over a dollar. I have everything but a table saw so I only have them do it if I need something ripped perfectly at 90*.
  • Sonia Sonia on Oct 09, 2015
    Home Depot does it and I've never been charged!! They are so awesome.
  • Theresa Theresa on Oct 09, 2015
    I am so sorry .. but we do not have an Menard's here in Canada! I thought I was being helpful. As I said in my reply, MOST... big box stores are helpful, and I also said, to check them out, meaning their work. It is up to each and every individual to be the responsible Adult. Do not forget, once again, I said up front, I am a Canadian, we have different policies in Canada and support in our stores. Our clerks are very helpful, and I would suggest being a responsible Adult and going at a time when the clerks would not be busy, and go to the ones that know what they are doing. Don't ask ones that don't. But, I only gave my opinion because she asked for it. Not to be criticized by anyone. Thank you. Have a wonderful day everyone. I don't think I will give my opinion any more.
    • Hanu Hanu on Oct 10, 2015
      Don't hold yourself to your last sentence there - i didnt actually see that response as being critical to you, maybe correcting aspect seemed as such? & look at the 3 marks that said what u posted was actually helpful. Keep on putting stuff out there, dont get discouraged by it. Thanks for sharing what u have so far... :-)
  • Helen Bouslaugh Helen Bouslaugh on Oct 11, 2015
    Is there a 'family owned' lumber yard in your town? We have one here and I can even call in my cuts now that they know me and I just pick them up. Maybe slightly higher, yet they assist with types of wood, screws, nails or whatever I am up to that visit. They cut any wood any size or shape while I wait. I also like the idea of keeping my money local.
  • Helen Bouslaugh Helen Bouslaugh on Oct 11, 2015
    I was going to mention, Home Depot always charges for the whole piece of lumber, no matter what I cut off. So, instead of paying for just the wood I receive, I am charged for the whole piece. Take it all home, you paid for it. Maybe it can be used later. One reason I started going to our local family owned lumber yard.
  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Oct 11, 2015
    Yes! you can do this! I want to see the finished project :)
  • Karen rhinevault Karen rhinevault on Oct 18, 2015
    I have had Home Depot cut wood for me twice--they did not charge and once it was done well and the next time it was not (lengths not uniform or square).
  • Gayle Gayle on Jul 20, 2017

    I need to know if I buy some wood, and just need a professional to cut the right measurements for me to make something. How do I find a staff at a store to do that for me? thank you

  • Shelly Shelly on Jul 20, 2017

    Home Depot will cut wood to any size!

  • Theresa Bradshaw Theresa Bradshaw on Nov 14, 2017

    they will cut it if you purchase it there, but from what I remember only the first two cuts are free. The rest cost at least .50 each.

  • Vick Yang Vick Yang on Sep 29, 2018

    Was searching online for what their policy on cutting wood is.. Especially when I only needed 1 cut on my 1 door 30x80 which I needed 30x70.. And I was waiting for an employee to assist me.. But he holla at me m. WE DO NOT CUT anything over 3/4" thick.. And so I took out my tape measure and measured It and it was only 5/8" thick .. Wanted to say somwthing but maybe he didnt have his snack..

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 29, 2022

    You can ask, and if they have the time, they may, but be prepared to pay the cost of time etc.

  • I have my wood cut at Home Depot all the time and for free. They are wonderful, as long as there is someone in that department at the time, they will cut. Also, you need to go prepared, have your measurements written down for them, be precise, because if it's wrong, you do still have to pay for the wood.

  • Amber Amber on Sep 30, 2022