Asked on Aug 07, 2017

Can I use wood pallets for my kitchen backsplash?

by Dot
This would also go behind my electric stove. What is the best thing to use to seal it so it can be cleaned and not have grease sticking to it! The pallets would go where the orange looking wall is above that are the cabinets. Thank you
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  • Alyssa Alyssa on Aug 07, 2017

    Wood doesn't make the greatest backsplash, because the textured surface catches grease and and because it's flammable. Have you considered wood-look tile? There would be a bit more cost involved, but it's worth it if it prevents a kitchen fire.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Aug 07, 2017

    I wouldn't suggest wood either, as it would be a fire hazard waiting to happen no matter what you put on it. Most of the sealers wouldn't stop the hazard by any means, I would also suggest the wood-look tile instead.

  • Jim Cox Jim Cox on Aug 07, 2017

    I can't speak to the flammability, but I've used a great Minwax outdoor polyurethane that I bet would hold up well as a backsplash coating. I'll bet it will take a few coats on palletwood. Here's two coats on deck lumber and it's still not smooth enough for my tastes.

  • Beverly Lambert Beverly Lambert on Aug 07, 2017

    That would be a big NO...don't do it.

  • Marneta L Gabriel Marneta L Gabriel on Aug 07, 2017

    Hi Dot,

    I have a wood backsplash and LOVE it! It's a bit of work, it's lovely. I used a planer(make sure ALL nails have been removed). After planing them, I used a belt sander, then by hand. If you don't have a planer it can still be done, just a bit more elbow grease.

    Prior to attaching: Seal it, seal it, then seal it again. I don't recall the product I used. The folks at hardware stores are full of wisdom much like this site.

    LONG side note: Behind my stove I attached a square of sheet metal w/screws. I intentionally measured it a foot longer at the bottom and bent it where the floor meets the wall. Seal it to the wall.

    Here's why: Cleaning! Something about that very back crevice where dust/dirt settles, it get's me. Now? A quick dust bust and the wash of a soapy cloth. VOILA!

    Back to your backsplash: Nail it on(make sure your hitting your studs). Then, seal it again. My range is a slide in as well, (different ball game with a built in).

    The console/back guard along with your range hood ventilation performs the same type of build up protection as other backsplashes.

    So Dot, I disagree with the other posts. Same applies to wood counter tops. Unless you are cooking back bacon and oil fried potatoes on your rear burners every day without a clean up.....

    My opinion? Like in any other kitchen, be mindful, make sure you have smoke alarms, fire extinguisher, etc. & enjoy!


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  • KatAych KatAych on Aug 07, 2017

    You can use whatever you want as a backsplash as long as you use the correct sealant.