Any suggestions for this piece of marble?

I have this piece of marble that I want to make an entry table with but I can't find or think of something for the base. All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!
any suggestions for this piece of marble, painted furniture
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  • Carole Carole on Nov 02, 2013
    What about an old Singer sewing table, one with the fancy frame and the brand name? I know it has been done before, but always looks good.

  • April April on Nov 02, 2013
    Depends on the style you have around the house. If it's traditional, perhaps a sturdy yet short column of some sort? If more modern, then perhaps a huge pipe? I like Carole's suggestion, too. :)

  • Carole Carole on Nov 02, 2013
    If you want something more modern style, and providing it would support the weight of the marble - hard to tell how big this piece is in the photo - but what about trestle legs??

  • Sharon McKusick Sharon McKusick on Nov 02, 2013
    How about a bathroom vanity that is narrow/shallow with doors for storage of hats and mittens etc.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Nov 02, 2013
    I have a piece of granite on my front porch on an old Singer sewing machine base that is painted bright, glossy red!!!! Love it. We have one painted dull black upstairs in the master BR with a piece of teak on it that matches our teak platform bed. We love the teak furniture and the old fashioned with the Scandinavian look is awesome! And that metal is sturdy enough to hold any weight you want to put on it. Paint it the color you like or just leave it rustic. I was fortunate enough to be given about half a dozen of these one time so I gave them to my son, sisters and a couple of good friends.

  • Connie Smith Connie Smith on Nov 02, 2013
    I had a pedestal sink.. I took the white ceramic pedestal and made a nice flower arrangement from it. If you have 4 of them you could use those pedestals... Find a junk place or we have Habitat for Humanity and lots of people bring in things like this for sale. It helps bring in money to build the homes for people.. Love that store..

  • Debbie Wilfong Debbie Wilfong on Nov 03, 2013
    Depending on the size or type of kitchen you have, that would make a great backsplash behind the stove.

  • Dovie Dovie on Nov 03, 2013
    u could use 2 of the plaster pedestals.. put some adhesive so it wouldnt slide off. tht would look good leave the marble its odd shape

  • Mssmatch Mssmatch on Nov 03, 2013
    if u make cream pull candy your marble is a must to pour it out on!

  • Lindsay Jackson Lindsay Jackson on Nov 03, 2013
    a piece of driftwood

  • Carol Carol on Nov 03, 2013
    I would try to have a carpenter install a floating shelf system that would support it or try to find a dresser/cabinet to match the center size and make two corner shelves unit to match the ends. Or maybe a kitchen base cabinet in a dark color

  • Sandy Sandy on Nov 03, 2013
    I would check the garden centers for Large urns.

  • Carol Carol on Nov 03, 2013
    I have seen a coffee table made with a marble slab and mounted on large terra cotta pots from the garden center. Some one could cut your slab into a simple rectangle, perhaps?

  • Pat Dollar Pat Dollar on Nov 03, 2013
    I think the marble piece is actually symmetrical but might appear a bit off because of the angle it appears in the photo. If so then it would not be necessary to have it cut. I do like the idea of a sewing machine base to support it or any nice thrift store find of the appropriate size. Perhaps it would work also as a fireplace hearth, or mantle, or top for a sofa table.

  • Marsha Spears Marsha Spears on Nov 03, 2013
    Purchase large sconces to hang on the wall and support the marble. If you are apprehensive about the marble falling off the supports,use Gorilla glue or some super strong epoxy to secure it.

  • Fenya Kashergen Fenya Kashergen on Nov 03, 2013
    check out free standing aquarium bases. I scored one and put it under my piece of marble step. looks great under a window.

  • Anne F Anne F on Nov 03, 2013
    How about a sewing machine treadle base. I found one at a garage sale for $6, and topped it with a slab of granite. It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the house!

  • Debbie Harris Debbie Harris on Nov 03, 2013
    Whether its a furniture piece or a pedestal or a bathroom vanity, make sure that the weight of the granite can be supported without collapsing and creating a hazard.

  • Judy Judy on Nov 03, 2013
    Fabulous piece of marble! I can't tell how big it is, but I'm sure it's really heavy. How about a pair of nightstands for a base? That would give a bit of additional storage, too. I love it!

  • Debby Branigan Debby Branigan on Nov 03, 2013
    You might checkout the plumbing supply section at your local hardware store. You could use metal pipes and fittings for an industrial look and fashion a nice sofa console in a customized size.. Rustoleum makes spray paint in many shades and finishes for metal so you could customize the legs to oil rubbed bronze, rust or black ,etc. Please post a photo after you finish your project. You have a lovely piece of marble to work with. Good luck!

  • Diann Diann on Nov 03, 2013
    It's funny that you have all these suggestions of "where" to use it when you already know where you want it. I liked the idea of the Plaster Pedestals for the base. I think that would be very attractive.

  • N. Susan Hart N. Susan Hart on Nov 03, 2013
    Why not have a base made for it? It has a very interesting shape.

  • Marlene Olson Marlene Olson on Nov 04, 2013
    I would go with a cast iron or other heavy weight metal for a base. I love the sewing machine base idea. Or depending on your style how about using it on the floor with a small electric pot belly stove sitting on it. It would make a great display base!

  • Two ideas for you: I've used large pots as base for tables. This gives you many options for height, size, color, material and texture. Another idea from the garden dept. would be to purchase 2-4 plinths. Plinths are the base for statues and urns. These also are available in many heights & styles but the style tends to be more formal and the materials are usually limestone or cast concrete.

  • Pajunka Pajunka on Nov 05, 2013
    I don't know; I think you should be pro-active and make an early tombstone for your husband. If Mr. Jones gets snarky and ungrateful about it, you could have, "You brought this on yourself" inscribed on it.

  • Tanya Peterson Felsheim Tanya Peterson Felsheim on Dec 01, 2013
    Can't wait to see pictures...I'm with the sewing machine top, depending on the style of your home the industrial look would be good.

  • Terry Leal Terry Leal on Apr 30, 2014
    Sturdy iron rods can be used to support this marble slab and thus will add to the beauty of your house.

  • Becky Wood Becky Wood on May 02, 2014
    Think it would look great with faux column looking legs. You could make them fromPVC pipe and Home Depot carries column caps. You could paint it all white or use the Rustoleum Stone Spray Paint and make them look like marble. Or maybe use metal wall brackets and simply mount it at the height you want for a table. You could also make a simple wooden table base and attach it to that. You could recycle coffee table legs or buy some tables legs from Home Depot or Lowes and attach them to a simple rectangle time box. Paint the wood white or shabby chic or whatever color works with your decor.

  • I would prefer using a tree stump or heavy branches. I like natural decorations

  • Lorna Lorna on Jan 04, 2015
    For your base.... why don't you try an old log that has been fitted for your Mable top

  • Lori Lori on Feb 14, 2015
    You have probably done something by now but I personally like the driftwood or branch idea, something natural, and I hope you are not cutting it. You have the chance to make an amazing, one of a kind entryway table and can't wait to see what you do.