Poorly built leaky sunroom with clouded double pane windows, tear down or repair

by Betsy
We have a sunroom that has been a problem forever! The original owners did a terrible job of building it to begin with. We had some repairs done about 12 years ago which made it better but it is now leaking again and the fixed large windows need to be replaced because the seal is broken. I think part of the problem is there is not enough slope to the roof so water pools around the skylights and they leak. We're thinking for just tearing it down and replacing it with a deck or maybe a screened in porch. Any ideas or suggestions for contractors?
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  • If the job was done correctly regardless of pitch of roof, you should not have any leaks. You may want to consider putting on a new roof, remove the skylights as they are nothing but a hole in the roof and simply use sliding doors around the outside for windows and screening. Its not very expensive as long as the framing around the porch is properly done and can span the distances between the sliding doors without sagging you should be fine. Tearing it down may not be such a great idea as you loose the benefit of having a roof over your head when entertaining in poor weather.
  • KMS Woodworks KMS Woodworks on May 08, 2012
    I agree with woodbridge...which happens a lot...the leaks are due to a bad install / repair. When done properly skylights do not leak. Any roof penetration causes issues as it complicates the "weather-proofing" When it comes to roofs...simple is better.
  • Denise Denise on Jun 26, 2015
    Redo the roof minus skylights, add french doors with solid glass panel inserts to let the sunshine in. (Tear out windows) Keep the color light.