Most cost-effective walk-in-tub solutions?


how can i get help paying for a walk in tub? it doesn't

have to be the best one out there

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  • MYKIDZMOM MYKIDZMOM on Sep 20, 2018

    Your tub can be converted into a 'walkin' at a fraction of the cost of a new install. Our local vets are having the conversion done with it being paid for by the VA

  • Sharon Sharon on Sep 20, 2018

    You can also apply for a grant or super low cost loan from HUD or USDA.....

    Then where I live, Habitat for Humanity will do the work very inexpensively using your grant/loan.

  • Pat Pat on Sep 20, 2018

    You do realize that while very convenient, a walk in tub has some drawbacks. You must get in the tub, sit while it fills with water, and after done bathing, sit while the water goes down the drain. In a warm climate it would feel wonderful but would not be my thing. If you are using a walk in tub with a shower, then it would be no problem....leave drain open, shower and by the time you are done, the water will be gone.

  • MaryAnn B MaryAnn B on Sep 21, 2018

    When I see these commercials I often wonder why you would want to have one of these because of the drawbacks mentioned by Pat. I definitely would convert mine to a walk in shower with a seat and a shower head that that is adjustable.

  • Oliva Oliva on Oct 11, 2018

    If you think you'll need it in the future and you have sufficient space, you may consider a "roll in /ADA shower with sloping drain.

    Otherwise, opt for a larger walk in shower with large, built in seat, grab bars, dual shower heads, or mount additional hand held shower on a slide that attaches to a vertical bar. Clear tempered glass door in frameless shower offers more options than sliding door, but us more costly.

  • Retirement Plan Retirement Plan on Feb 02, 2021

    Unfortunately, these walk in tubs for seniors are not considered as durable medical equipment by the original medicare for most seniors. You can go through other options rather than medicare like: Medicaid, Grants, Veteran Benefits, HCBS, Financial Assistance Programs

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Feb 02, 2021

    Agree with Pat and MaryAnn that walk in tubs are not always as convenient as they claim to be in the advertising. They use up more water (and more electricity to heat the greater volume of hot water) than a shower, and are physically just as awkward to clean as a conventional bathtub.

  • Deb K Deb K on Nov 03, 2021

    Hi Diana, no matter what route you want to go, tub or shower, you may be able to get a grant or some sort of assistance, especially if you have a disability. They are quite pricey, but searching the internet, you may find some financial assistance. I believe a lot of them offer payment plans as well.

  • Marie Marie on Nov 03, 2021

    I found on e that has never been used on OfferUp, it was a fraction of the cost of a new one.