How do I cover an old concrete shower floor?

by Helen

what is the easiet quickest way to cover a 60 yr. old irregular concrete shower floor . I'm 80 yrs. old and i will be doing it. i've tried painting it w/special paint and it doesn't last. I need something decent, not too expensive and easy to do. I'm capable of doing the work, just need to know the best way to do it. any suggestions will be appreciated.

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  • Timothy Durocher Timothy Durocher on Jun 03, 2019

    Flex seal paint.basically paintable rubber,dump right on floor and spread,leave very thick.

    Did entire cinder block shower in white,no leaks and looks great.

    2 thick coats for floor .well ventilate ,it smells bad.

  • William William on Jun 03, 2019

    Regular paint does not hold up to water contact. You need to use an epoxy paint. Rustoleum or Homax tub and tile paint kits.

  • Mindshift Mindshift on Jun 03, 2019

    Concrete is never completely dry, but a concrete shower is wetter than you think even when it appears dry. In fact, a too wet concrete could have caused the paint you applied to fail. You need to set a fan blowing on the shower floor and perhaps use a dehumidifier as well. It can take days to dry out concrete in a humid climate. Regardless of what you encounter, plan on using another shower during the process. Arrange ahead of time to use a relative's and/or neighbor's shower if you have to.

    Start by removing all the old paint first. I don't know what sort of special paint you used, so you should consult the company that makes that paint for help if you need it. After removing the paint rinse the shower well and allow it to dry overnight.

    Concrete stain is really good at giving new life to worn and weathered concrete. You have to make sure the concrete is not sealed before staining, though. Drip some water on the concrete. If it beads up, the surface has been sealed and you will need to remove that sealer first. If the dripped water spreads out and soaks in, then the concrete is not sealed and you can move on to staining.

    An acid stain is a two step process: applying the acid stain, then using a second product to neutralize the acid. There are, however, water based stains such as Surecrete's Eco Stain: and Ecoprocote's SoyCrete: Read and follow the directions of whichever product you decide to use. For instance, how long to wait between coats can vary from product to product. In addition to earth colors of tans and browns, both of these manufacturers offer shades of yellow, green, blue, red and orange. These colors are also offered in sample sizes that may be more economically sensible for a small job.

    Stain is most often applied with a pump-up hand sprayer in a circular, swirling motion as this avoids obvious overlap. Protect all nearby surfaces that you do not want stained. Because stain allows the original surface to show through it won't hide imperfections. The beauty of stain is that imperfections become part of the design. Apply the first coat of stain so the concrete is covered but the stain is not pooling. You can use only one color of stain if you prefer. Apply a second coat if the color is not deep enough or even enough for your liking. Or, you could apply a second layer of stain in a another color, covering only 1/3 to 1/2 of the surface and allow this to dry. Finally, you might add a third color covering 1/4 to 1/2 of the surface and allow this to dry.

    To finish this job you need to seal the concrete, but the concrete must be as dry as possible. As I noted in the first paragraph it could take a while for the shower to dry. Most sealers are clear acrylic, epoxy or urethane, though whichever stain manufacuturer you use probably has a specific sealer they recommend. A satin sheen will give little reflection, whereas a gloss will reflect every light source.

    The links below are of photos that show why I like concrete stain.

    • Helen Helen on Jun 04, 2019

      t hank you. i've been thinking of stains. will look further into your ans. it may be the easiest for me. there's no paint on the concrete now. just bare.