How to remove a bathtub without damaging tiles?

by Mila

How could I remove the bathtub without damaging the surrounding tile and putting anew shower

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  • Vimarhonor Vimarhonor on Jun 03, 2019

    It would depend what your bathtub is made of. We removed fiberglass bathtub wall unit in our demo using a reciprocating saw cutting it into manageable pieces for discarding.

    • Mila Mila on Jun 03, 2019

      Hi I am the one who asked if I could remove the bathtub without damaging the surrounding

      tiles my bathroom is was constructed like this

      |tiles wall

      | position of bathtub l

      _———————////////showerI just want to removed the bathtub because it was to high for me to climb up

      I am 75 years old and widow

      the sizes of the bathtub is

      (64 length

      35 width

      the first contractor I talked to told me no way to saved

      the , he must remove all the tiles

      the second contractor I just I talked to told me

      $30;000 is his prices

      My husband and I was the one who built this house

      from ground to up , because we don’t know how to

      dea with contractors , the first contractor under

      bid meaning cheapest price, what we don t know

      HE put the word unforeseen in and the contract,

      after the money runout he was asking for more money

      and when we did not give to him he sued us , he

      win because of the word unforeseen

      Today I am scared to deal with any contractor

      in your opinion how much the realistic price i should

      Accept on this kind of jobs, no painting

      No floor tiles, the , using the present Plumming