Asked on Mar 29, 2016

Should we use "Kohler's Serica Shower Panels" in our remodel?

by Kcama
We are trying to decide if Kohler's Serica Shower Panels are what we want to use in our remodel. Has anyone had any experience with them? Although we live in a large metro area, there's only one place - an hour away - that even has samples....but nothing to bring home and no displays. You can order the panels through Home Depot and Lowe's, but they don't even have small samples. You can order samples online for $10 each, but if you want to see 5 different ones, that's a lot of money.
Are they relatively easy to install, do they hold up? It almost seems like the company doesn't want to sell them, but I would like a chance to decide for myself.
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  • Phil a Phil a on Mar 30, 2016
    I was not familiar with this particular product, but shows as a 5/16" thick composite material which should be durable. Found this video on YouTube that gives a quick supplemental overview of installation. See link below... or cut and paste this link: It doesn't look complicated. If you're handy at all and have the proper tools, you should have few problems. Accuracy of cutouts for valves is critical. However, this is a VERY expensive product and it might be worth it to try a "dry run" installation using some similar thickness LUAN or other thin wood sheet product to check measurements and cut accuracy. Mistakes will be MUCH less expensive. IMHO Good luck and let us know what you decide and how it turns out.
    • Kcama Kcama on Mar 31, 2016
      @Phil a Thanks for your replay. Because the panels are so expensive and heavy, we would have a pro install it - I'm just trying to figure out how it would look and if it's what we want.
  • Meemoo Meemoo on Mar 30, 2016
    Luan is a great idea!!
  • Theresa Smith Theresa Smith on Mar 30, 2016
    I went to the Koehler web site, and couldn't find Serica. However they had this: These panels look similar to Swanstone, in that you glue them to the walls with construction adhesive. It's a project. After you measure and trim the panels, when you glue them to the walls, you need to set up a jig to keep pressure on the panels until the glue sets. That's the hardest part, is making and setting up the jig. After all is dry (24 hours or so) you trim it out (glue that in place, too) and seal it up with caulking. Can you do it yourself? If you have several people with some construction experience, who are very detail oriented in making sure measurements are right and figuring out how to make a jig to hold it in place until the construction adhesive is dry - yes. If you don't and still want it, I would hire it done. I had my Dad, my son, and a family friend do mine. (two bathrooms). After all that, I do like the result. It is very low maintenance and you don't have to worry about grout leaking. Another thing I have learned (re-doing a kitchen). Don't count out kitchen/bath desginers when shopping. I got my kitchen -national brand products - cheaper through a kitchen/bath design firm than I could through the big box home stores. You might be able to order panels through them and they may refer you to someone to do just that install, not the whole bathroom. Shop around.
    • Kcama Kcama on Mar 31, 2016
      @Theresa Smith Serica is the name of the paneling product they use in the Choreograph line. Thanks.
  • Phil a Phil a on Mar 31, 2016
    I think you'll really like it.
  • Phil a Phil a on Mar 31, 2016
    That's a safe choice. Maybe the vendor can recommend someone that has experience with this product. As for looks, it seems to have a more stone-like texture.