How can I keep a toddler's bedroom organized?


I cannot seem to find a working system with keeping my sons room tidy. Ty!

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  • 34354174 34354174 on Oct 04, 2019

    What problems are you having? Toys in the floor? No where to put toys or clothes?

    Toddlers are old enough to teach to put toys back in their "bins' or containers. Make bins accessible for the toddler to reach and make a clean up time after play. You can decorate laundry baskets for toys.

    Clothes? Again.... what is the issue? Storage?

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    • 34354174 34354174 on Oct 06, 2019

      Make a DIY day of making some cute bins to put in the high shelves for storage. Maybe half the toys. Take notice of what he is not playing with much and put them in the higher shelves to bring back down later. He will hopefully be thrilled to have "new" toys.

      You could also use the higher shelves for decor. Dollar stores have all sizes of bins for nice prices.

      Maybe donate some of the toys he doesn't play with. My youngest is 37 and he had way too many toys. Most of them he rarely played with.

      By age 6-7, he will wanting technical toys, so most of the toys will never be touched again.

  • Kathy Gunter Law Kathy Gunter Law on Oct 04, 2019

    Book shelves with bins and a large toy box would be a good start. Cut yourself some slack and don't be like I was, so concerned about keeping everything neat that I didn't leave time for my kids to be kids a lot of the time.

    • Kim Kim on Oct 04, 2019

      I appreciate that advice bc I do overly concern myself with the tidiness, it's exhausting most of the time!

  • You could go to a store such as Target, Walmart or even IKEA and get some storage bins. I would also go through each and every item and donate what truly isn't played with anymore. I've also purchased storage tubs and I've kept a few of them downstairs and changed them out from month to month so that they have 'new' (or so they think) toys to play with every month when you bring one of the tubs up from downstairs that they haven't seen in awhile.

  • Pat Pat on Oct 04, 2019

    From little on my boys knew that before bedtime their toys had to be put in their room. During the day they could play with their toys out in the living room...but at bedtime..back into their room. I had a toy box in each room, a basket in the closet and shelves above their built in dressers. Wasn't always the neatest when they took their toys to their room, but the living area looked neat and tidy when I got up in the morning..

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    • 34354174 34354174 on Oct 05, 2019

      Keep a basket /bin in the living room that he has to put toys into before bed. You can either find a spot in the living room or just pick it up and carry to it's designated spot in his room.

      I did this when my kids were small and left the baskets in the living room. When visitors came over, the baskets went to the kid's rooms.

      The idea of swapping toys out occasionally....take half of the toys (be sure you take note of what he is playing with now) and put away. In 3-6 months, swap them out. It's like new toys to them.

  • Deb K Deb K on Oct 04, 2019

    Hi Kim, I love the simple cube storage system, you can fill a wall and stack them, label each cube with the contents