The Minimalist Master Bedroom

Mastering minimalist bedroom decor means using lots of white effectively. In this neutral master bedroom, Hometalker Kristin demonstrates how to create a bedroom on a budget. Using just $8/yard fabric, off-the-shelf pictures, throws, and childhood dressers, the look is finished with bedside tables from the end-of-sale lines at Walmart and Target. The result is a bedroom with a spacious, contemporary feel that looks much bigger than it is. Get tutorial here

The Eclectic Master Bedroom

The opposite of a minimalist master bedroom is an eclectic one. There are no rules on how many things you should put in your bedroom. This Hometalker’s lakeside home benefits from adding multiple touches of personality. Even smaller rooms can be made into exciting spaces when personal possessions are tastefully placed in your bedroom. The key to making an eclectic space work for you is drawing the eye around the room with the repetition of color splashes using curtains, soft furnishings, lampshades, and books set up from a neutral background color. Get tutorial here

The Rustic Master Bedroom

Adding a huge feature headboard made from varnished timber adds a rustic element to the entire room. This Hometalker added a floor to ceiling headboard stained with varnish that offers a backdrop landscape to all the bedroom furniture with an immediate sense of drama. The wooden effect is highlighted further by adding the deer antlers, traditional desk lamps, and splashes of greenery from plants. Get tutorial here

The Vintage Master Bedroom

The magic key to creating a vintage style is stenciling - and chandeliers. Instead of buying similar but expensive wallpaper designs, this Hometalker used an elaborate (and time-consuming) painted Marrakech trellis stencil for their feature wall. The stenciling continued on the furniture to match the patterning on the rug, making a vintage effect. The color scheme of grey-browns and lilacs make this an instant vintage classic. Get tutorial here

The New England Master Bedroom

Using a blend of old and new (and touches of blue) can be the right formula when making a New England style bedroom. These Hometalkers achieved their coastal feel by combining a new white paint scheme, with nautical blue flourishes from the dark navy bedding to the blue and white curtains. These two colors bring out the best in their wooden floor, making the whole project look ship-shape and bringing some much need sunlight back into their master bedroom. Get tutorial here

The Small Master Bedroom

Small master bedrooms benefit from decluttering. Marie Kondo would be proud of this mini-masterpiece! When faced with limited space, the trick is making it as light as possible. These Hometalkers used a dark color either side of their window to exaggerate the light coming in. The painted bedside dressers blend into the background, creating a contrast between the back of the bedroom and the space in front. This small area packs a big punch in terms of space, style, and comfort. Get tutorial here

The New Farmhouse Master Bedroom

It’s the reclaimed sliding barn door that puts the en-suite at the heart of this design. The grey and white shades of this master bedroom subtly draw the eye to the real feature: the sliding door and the wood-built sink of the en-suite. This bedroom decor wouldn’t work without the polished wooden floor that successfully grounds what is a very clean look. The brushed white finish of the headboard, dresser, and door add to the calming feel, which took these Hometalkers just eight weeks to complete. Get tutorial here

The Industrial Loft Master Bedroom

There’s a big temptation when presented with lots of space to fill it up. In this case, resistance isn’t futile. For these Hometalkers, the polished light wood floor and ceiling offset the drama of this large bedroom space. While it could easily carry off lots of large furniture, by allowing the bed and the huge rug in front of it to take center stage, making it seem even bigger, this bedroom looks expensive despite only having relatively few pieces of furniture. Get tutorial here

Sleek and Stylish Master Bedroom

This simple master bedroom design creates a stylish, moody atmosphere. This Hometalker wanted a luxurious sanctuary to retreat to at the end of the day. Starting with a dark charcoal feature wall and matching bedside tables that seemingly blend in, it is offset by urban lighting accessories. The silk cushions, white linen, and dark wood flooring are matched with charcoal artwork, a reading chair, and a table that complete this boutique-hotel look. Get tutorial here

White With Color Splashes Master Bedroom

White is such an amazing base color to work with; it allows you to incorporate all of your favorite shades without them overpowering the room. This Hometalker shows what can be done when using white as a canvas and introducing bright colors to great effect. The white walls and bed sheets benefit from the patterned grey and pink cushions, while the artwork on the wall plays as a wonderful distraction. Dark blue lampshades with matching curtains and pillows provide a muted secondary color that allows this bedroom to shine. Get tutorial here

The Cottage-Style Master Bedroom

Pastels, natural wood, and floral patterns create a cottage-style master bedroom makeover. This master bedroom is already naturally gifted with a lovely arched ceiling that provides an eye-line to the bed in the center. Colonial style furniture pair off against the floral rug and curtains with a delicate color scheme that takes full advantage of the natural light flowing in from two sides. This Hometalker has kept things simple with some eclectic framed pictures in muted browns and golds they picked up for a steal at a garage sale. Get tutorial here

The Beach House Master Bedroom

You don’t have to live by the beach to achieve a beach house master bedroom. This Hometalker used staple seaside shades of navy blue and white to create a clean, crisp bedroom that takes full advantage of the veranda-style window. At the heart of this look is a sturdy wooden bed with wavelike cushions. The tray ceiling, painted in matching navy, highlights the fan light while the contrasting light and dark tones work well to create a fresh but classic beach house look. Get tutorial here

The Dreamy Master Bedroom

When creating a dreamy look with your master bedroom decor, it’s important to use muted, brushed, and worn-effects for the furniture, surrounding a bed that is reminiscent of white clouds. This master bedroom style from Hometalker Lory achieves this by focusing all the attention around the bed, which is dressed in pristine white linen with a cumulus-like headboard. Gilded frames, French-style bedside lights, and a calming pastel green wall offset with white drapes achieve the perfect fairy-tale bedroom. Get tutorial here

The Cozy Master Bedroom

Cozy means fur, plush carpets, and warm colors. Think Fall with a warm fire in the background. This Hometalker dressed up their bedroom with a cozy, warm look that takes full advantage of faux fur textiles and gold accessories, including candles, frames, and vintage bedside lights. Adding an animal print somewhere can bring out visions of safari, and the soft carpet between your toes is the final comforting touch. Get tutorial here

The Christmas Master Bedroom

Converting a master bedroom into a festive boudoir means replacing some furnishings and adding a touch of rich, burgundy color. Making a bedroom Christmassy doesn’t need to be over the top. A few seasonal bouquets of flowers or adding some leafy decor and red throws will do the trick. If you want to take things one step further like this Hometalker then adding candlesticks, pine garlands, and a small but subtle golden tree can make going to bed and waking up seem like opening a present every day and night. Get tutorial here