Asked on Jun 02, 2019

How can I make my own potter’s bench?

by Jenilynnecook

I have a gate which is the perfect backing for a pitter’ Bench and a pallet &some wood. Can I make my own without having any previous skills?

This is perfect to catch the mess while potting!

This picture shows the fence as the back.

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  • Deb K Deb K on Jun 02, 2019

    Hello, this video may help you, it seems fairly easy to follow

  • William William on Jun 02, 2019

    All kinds here

  • Sure. Just try to find some instructions that seem doable to you based on your skills and tool availability.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Jun 03, 2019

    At the very minimum, you're going to need a measuring tape, angle iron (a thing that measures 90' corners), a decent saw (hand saw, circular saw, etc.), a screw driver - or drill with a screw bit - and some galvanized screws. If you can put together a LEGO toy, you already have all the skills you need! Just follow whatever instructions you find and take your time. Don't start making changes (unless it's the height of the legs or something simple like that) until you have more experience. You're ready. Go for it!

  • Laurie Laurie on Jun 04, 2019

    A way to make one in expensively and with a minimum of cuts would involve a visit to a “reuse” store. A repurposed door would make a sturdy counter - just jigsaw a hole to drop in a laundry tub or mortar- mixing tub. Newel posts or other staircase parts can make legs with personality; a second set could be be attached to the top to support an upper shelf. Use a ladder, lattice, or pegboard for a backsplash to hang small pots, tools, or garden decor. A ladder supporting lattice could also be used as a bottom shelf. Home improvement stores will usually cut lattice and other materials for free or a minimal charge. Happy crafting!

  • Emily Emily on Jun 06, 2019

    My husband and I are in the starting phase of discussing doing this. First we agreed on the space (near a hose and in a convenient place) that will determine the size of the bench. We can get sinks for free (town transfer station) but decided to skip this phase and just have a double headed attachment for another hose. Our potting bench would be constructed pretty much like this work table, just a different shape and size. Since my husband is pretty skilled at this work he will make it, but if you have some good tools (elec saw etc) I would advise not using pallet wood. All nails would have to be removed and materials are not that expensive. BTW we will use only decking from a porch for our top.