Asked on Mar 29, 2016

New table top on existing table?

by Tone
Hi all!
This is my current dining table. It was a freebie in perfect condition. Solid oak top and everything, but it was soooo dark and gloomy, so we sanded the top, painted and stained it, and sealed it. But big parts of the top had water marks and even spaghetti marks. Yes, spaghetti.....
I really want to remove the existing table top and replace it with something more farmhouse like. And NOT oval! This table can be extracted and inserted with an extension plate in the middle, but we almost never use it. Only when we have bigger dinner parties, like twice a year. Even though we are "only" a family of four, we would very much like to still be able to lengthen it when needed.
So I have narrowed my options down to these two:
1) replace the top with fully length lumber, and place insert tabs on the ends, by pulling out "holders" from underneath to place the tab on. This way, we never have to really "pull apart" the table any more to insert the middle tab.
2) Lay new lumber, but section it of at the middle, "framing" it (see picture) and leaving us with the alternative to use an insert plate on the middle.
What would be the option to most likely leave us with a good, or even great result? And what would look the best? (see pictures)
And if anyone have photos of similar projects , I would LOVE to se them!
Thank you! :)
(All "option" pictures are from the internet, and are not mine)
Our current dining table
Our current dining table
Option 1
Option 1
Option 2
Option 2
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  • Priscilla Crigger Priscilla Crigger on Mar 29, 2016
    The board top is nice and this updates your table . I like it !
  • Barbara Barbara on Mar 29, 2016
    Personally I like the look you currently have, but I'd have to go with your number 1 option. I LOVE oval tables, so I'm at a loss as to how to offer suggestions.
  • Emily Emily on Mar 29, 2016
    of course you can do anything you like, but if you look at the legs on your current table and contrast them with the legs on the preferred style tables you will see a big difference. Rather than dismantle a perfectly good and serviceable table (if not for you, for someone else) why not try to sell that and just buy the kind of table you like? You say you do have a leaf for the current table and that you use it only twice a year. Why go to all the work and expense of remaking your table for a twice yearly need? As far as the staining and such on the current finish, you just need to have a strong polyurethane finish, more than just a seal. Good luck whatever you decide.
  • Tone Tone on Mar 30, 2016
    Thank youl all:) allthough I appreciate your input, my question wasnt about my table beeing good enough for me, or even if I like it. The fact is that it is not right for me, it is not the style I am looking for and it is to big for our very small dining room. And why should I sell it to buy the kind I am looking for, when this is the perfect base for a farmhouse table? A new farmhouse table cost hundreds of dollars, and I can build the kind I am looking for for alot less. After having made an overwiev of the tables construction yesterday, I have come to the conclusion that we will go for option 1. Have a great day! :)