Asked on Nov 14, 2016

What kind of casters can I put on my kitchen island?

Sandy Lamfers
by Sandy Lamfers
I am making a kitchen island out of repurposed cabinets. Looking for casters to put on it and what kind should I use on a hardwood floor.
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  • Johnchip Johnchip on Nov 14, 2016
    They also sell glider discs you attach to legs or furniture bottoms that slide the piece across the floor rather than roll.
  • William William on Nov 14, 2016
    Janet bet me to it! Go with the polyurethane for the island. They are solid, mar resident, and one density. Neoprene casters come in different densities based on weight (sometimes hard to determine) and usually cost double the amount than the polyurethane.
  • Suzette Suzette on Nov 15, 2016
    I use Waxman 3-in Rubber Swivel Casters. They have brakes! I get them from Lowe's, but probably most hardware stores would carry something similar. Hope this helps~ :)
  • Quin Rose Quin Rose on Nov 15, 2016
    Hope your island has deep deep drawers...I would put everything in the drawers, canisters, small appliances- to de clutter the island, that way the island can be used as a work table. I hope you have a couple of electrical outlets on the surface where you can plug in a myriad of machines. My canisters are all glass jars...nothing plastic (toxic) in my kitchen! that way I can see through the lids. Also a short drawer and put seasonings in their bottles with names on lids printed in wax china marker.
  • Deb K Deb K on Jul 04, 2023

    Hello, hope this helps you out. Hard plastic or nylon casters could put too much pressure on your hardwood floors. Replace them with a softer material — such as neoprene, rubber or urethane — for your casters.