A Simple, Painted Pallet Bed

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to make your own pallet bed frame? Hometalker Marija Milunovic shows us the simple and very effective approach that she took with this project. After finding the right pallets, she used screws to support the structure and then painted it. The result is a fantastic bed with very little fuss involved. Get tutorial here

Make the Base Bigger Than the Bed

Do you have a look in mind for your finished pallet bed frame? Hometalker Leila Farmer came up with a clever design by making the base a little bit bigger than the bed, so she could decorate around it. She used several pallets for the base and also placed the box spring under the mattress, to give a higher bed than would have otherwise been the case. Get tutorial here

A Pallet Dog Bed

What if you have a beloved pet who needs a new bed? Hometalker PaintyCloud created a wonderful pallet dog bed using just a few tools. She started by sawing the pallet in half and then halving it again. After putting it all together in the way that she had in mind over a few easy steps, she sanded it and then finished off with a cute painted design. Get tutorial here

A Pallet Dog Bed with Wheels

By adding some wheels to this dog pallet bed, Hometalker Rachel Metz gets a flexible place for her dog to sleep. Her starting point was in measuring it to get the size needed for her English Bulldog. She then used a reciprocating saw to cut the wood before sanding it. She personalized the headboard before attaching all the pieces and the casters. Get tutorial here

Get a Pallet Swing Bed

You aren’t limited to just using pallets as an alternative base for your bed. Hometalker Medina at Grillo Designs produced this terrific model of a DIY swing bed using 2 x 4 and 4 x 4 pallets. She took them apart, sanded them, and cut them before the task of building the bed. You need to end with a strong, stable pallet bed that is held up by chains. Get tutorial here

Create a Pallet Headboard

What about using some old pallets to create an eye-catching headboard design, rather than to make the whole bed? This is what Hometalker Kelsey McGinley did on this project, with spectacular results. She took a day to screw the wood onto the wall, as well as stain and paint it with a cute tree motif. It also worked out to be extremely inexpensive. Get tutorial here

Twin Headboards from a Pallet

Maybe you have twin beds that need an extra special touch added to them. In that case, this exciting idea from Hometalker Sherrie’s Lucky Quality Finds Home Décor could be precisely what you need. She cut the pallet in half, sanded and painted it, as well as screwing the headboards onto legs. The finished item adds a lovely rustic look to the room. Get tutorial here

An Ingenious Pallet Cat Bed

We have already seen pallet dog beds, so it is time for one for the cats. Hometalker Hoosier Homemade cleverly added feeding, relaxing, scratching, and playing areas her for her pampered pet. As well as a pallet, she also used scrap lumber, cut to size to complete the job. As a neat finishing touch, she wrapped the posts in rope for scratching. Get tutorial here

A Dog Bed Platform

This is another nice pallet bed for dogs. However, Hometalker Meagan {The Charming Farmer} has gone a step further by making a luxurious bed platform that any pooch should love spending time on. She used an old orthopedic foam dog bed inside the new wooden frame. Another great tip is to use pipes to raise and level the finished bed perfectly. Get tutorial here

A Classy Pallet Headboard

This classy pallet headboard is a hugely stylish focal point that adds life to the bedroom. Hometalker Color It Simple created it by taking apart four pallets and screwing them to the wall. Her son arranged the pieces of wood on a work surface and screwed them together. He sanded then stained the headboard using a variety of different colors. Get tutorial here

A Comfortable Dog Pallet Bed

This pallet bed frame project is great news for any dog that is in need of a comfortable new place to sleep. Hometalker Adam Hutchison cut down a pallet to produce a solid frame for his dog’s bed. He added a comfortable cushion bed on top to finish it off attractively. He now says that his pet loves it so much that he doesn’t ever want to leave it. Get tutorial here

A Chevron Patterned Headboard

This is another excellent example of a creative DIY pallet bed project. Here, we can see Hometalker Vintage Headboards has put together a hugely interesting design that is going to grab attention. They combined a range of colors for a unique look. They also remind us only to use new pallet wood, as older pallets may have absorbed harmful chemicals. Get tutorial here