How do I install a pull out shelf in an oversized kitchen cabinet?

I have an large bottom kitchen cabinet that I store plastic containers in that could be better utilized if it had a second shelf that pulled out for easy access.

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  • Ken Erickson Ken Erickson on Aug 11, 2018

    Get a pair of drawer slides. Fill sides of cabinet to fasten the slides to - ensure the slides will clear the door opening. 3/4" or more should work. Shorten and fasten you existing shelf to the slides. It may help to put a small trim piece on the front and back of the shelf to keep things from falling off.

  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Aug 11, 2018

    You can buy ‘full extension’, ball bearing drawer slides. They are called by other names such as drawer guides. The tricky part is that you need something on either side of the shelf to mount the slides. You can use dividers for this. Just put pieces of plywood in, and attach them to the cabinet.

  • Carol Sybrowsky Carol Sybrowsky on Aug 17, 2018

    I just did this for ALL the base cabinets in my kitchen. The easiest way to do it is to first build a 3-sided box that can slip into the space where you want to put your slide out drawer. I use temporary braces across the top to keep the 3-sided box square. Then, using the drawer guides suggested above, build your new drawer to fit INSIDE the 3-sided box. Attach the 3-sided box to the inside of your cabinet with screws so you can adjust if necessary. Then just slip your new drawer in place.