Asked on Mar 18, 2014

Any ideas on how I could use leftover lattice? Inside decorating?

by Heather
I have leftover lattice and would like to use it for some sort of indoor decorating project. Any ideas on a good use for it? It looks like this, just plain unfinished lattice although I'm not sure that my pieces are this large.
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  • Sherrie Sherrie on Mar 18, 2014
    I have seen it used numerous ways. I even used it over a open window between a laundry room and kitchen in place of a window. I have also seen it hung from the ceiling and have seen pretty lights hung from it. As a pot holder rack to hold pots and pans.
  • DR HANDY DR HANDY on Mar 18, 2014
    The most obvious use would be as a lattice for climbing plants if you have a sunroom. It could easily be made into a room divider (after painting and a clear coat).
  • Heather Heather on Mar 18, 2014
    I'm really liking the ceiling idea, I may run with that! Thanks!
  • Funnygirl Funnygirl on Mar 18, 2014
    I have seen it used on the side of a tub.add trim and paint or stain for a finished look.Or a blank wall you need to dress up.
  • Bonnie Lewenza Bonnie Lewenza on Mar 18, 2014
    Years ago I had a large indoor fountain I placed lattice (white) In the corner on both walls, then ran climbers up the lattice and placed the fountain in front. It was a good way to bring the outdoors in.
  • Carole Carole on Mar 19, 2014
    Use as a bed head and weave pretty coloured lights through it for a little girls room or for boys to hang dinosaurs or whatever they like from it! You could paint the lattice if you don't like it 'raw' looking. Or use it behind a desk hanging on the wall to hold pots of pencils/pens, office type stuff from or in a hobby room to hang your hobby bits and bobs on. Might even work in the garage in a similar way to a peg board??
  • Heather Heather on Mar 19, 2014
    Love all of these ideas! Thanks!!!
  • Dee - A Lapin Life Dee - A Lapin Life on Mar 19, 2014
    I have seen it at Show Houses. They have used it on walls and ceilings painted of course.
  • Becky Ezra Becky Ezra on Mar 19, 2014
    head bed, make a box for plants, table legs (a big/low box), growing plant near it., change drawers to those, in the shower or balcony/back yard.
  • Ncblueii Ncblueii on Mar 20, 2014
    I would be cautious about hanging pots/pans from it unless it is the extra heavy duty type, otherwise you might wake up to loud noises as the weight from the pans snap the lattice. Been there done that.
  • For a casual look paint the lattice and cut it down to approx. 36" and use it as wainscoting around the room. Cap it off with a wood trim for a finished look. This would look great in a kids room, a laundry area or even a sun porch. I have painted a backdrop scene behind the lattice but there are such great decorative vinyl wall decals that you could use to create any illusion/mood for the room.
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Mar 20, 2014
    I have seen them done as headboards,,,just framed .... Also as a room divider,,,, framed and hinges applied so they can be folded up. Lastly used to have sewing and craft notions on with baskets and hooks.. I think that was done by placing a piece of wood behind it and attaching it to the wall , it was over the sewing machine table..
  • Helen Helen on Mar 20, 2014
    In a craft room and using S hooks to hang small baskets or various items to get them off of the work surface but close at hand.
    • Heather Heather on Mar 20, 2014
      @Helen I love this!!! I have a craft/office this would be perfect for!
  • Joanna Carrisal Joanna Carrisal on Mar 20, 2014
    You could cut them down to 28". Then paint them a cool color and attach them to your walls and then add chair rail molding. It would definitely bring flavor to an ordinary room.
  • Liliana Wells Liliana Wells on Mar 20, 2014
    As a room divider in an unfinished basement. I also like the idea of the sewing/craft room.
  • Piano Lady Piano Lady on Mar 20, 2014
    Have seen it suspended from ceiling w/lights on top then decorated w/silk vines & flowers.
  • Connie Smith Connie Smith on Mar 20, 2014
    My thoughts on lattice.... It just screams 'CHEAP' to me... If you find something please share it... I hope something or someone could do something to make it look more expensive, tastefully done and useful. Other wise I say great kiln (msp).. aka fire starter...
  • Catherine Catherine on Mar 21, 2014
    I'm right there with Connie! Although I do like the idea of a "headboard" with the lights for a teenager's room. But other than that, keep it in the crafting business.
  • Billie Carey Billie Carey on Mar 21, 2014
    I used it in my bedroom and hung a three tier shelf from it and hung photos by their back flaps and curtins on the backs. On the other I have hung old money in bags.
  • Pamela Lott Pamela Lott on Mar 21, 2014
    Cutting it down to 16 inches, or your preference, put in around the ceiling, add ivy or floral of some kind and little white lights, It looks like a garden room in doors, I love it!
  • Pamela Lott Pamela Lott on Mar 21, 2014
    My next one will probably be 12 inches.. :)
  • Dorothypeed1 Dorothypeed1 on Mar 21, 2014
  • Patricia Souder Tucker Patricia Souder Tucker on Mar 21, 2014
    I used some on one wall over a garden tub and let plants grow up on it. Stuck in a few silk flowers for more color.
  • Kim Lunsford Kim Lunsford on Mar 21, 2014
    I used 4 large panels in my basement to cover my water heater and furnace. There is a big space between them that I now use as a storage closet. I intertwined them on the corners with twine to keep them up and used fake garland to cover the twine. We left a door opening and hung a curtain on an small extension rod to cover the opening. I hung some small things on the panels with S hooks. I must say it looks great and very useful space now!
  • Rita Kollander Rita Kollander on Mar 22, 2014
    In decorating a dining room with an oriental theme. I would cut the lattice 12 inchs wide and frame one wall to hang oriental plates. Make sure you paint the lattice a contrasting color to match the color of your walls.
  • Sheryl Duden Sheryl Duden on Mar 23, 2014
    If you have a little girl you could paint it a coordinating color to her room, weave some pretty ribbon through it and use it for a headboard mounted to the wall. Attach some old drawer pulls, hooks and knobs for hanging her pretty dress up clothes, jewelry, bags etc. on. Frame the outside of it and make a closet door.
  • Janice Phillips (JP) Janice Phillips (JP) on Jun 10, 2014
    I used lattice on the ceiling in a breakfast area at a beach house. I painted the ceiling Annie Sloan Louie Blue lightened w/ Old White and spray painted the lattice BM Dove White. I simply screwed the lattice to the ceiling and used moulding to finish the edges. It was a perfect coastal feel to the area. Sorry... the house sold before I got back for pics : (
  • Wanda sinnema Wanda sinnema on Jun 10, 2014
    Depending on your decor..... If you have a country cottage or beach decor,, It could be cute.. Some of it can look if not done right.. Most is really rough..Sand it a bit first... whatever you use it for. I'd use it in the craft room. Outside these often sag and look ugly after a couple of years, unless done right..
  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Jun 11, 2014
    What about if you threaded outdoor/ Christmas tree type of lights through it and leaned it against a wall or railing on your porch, or against a fence? Or did you want to use it indoors?
  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Jun 11, 2014
    I don't have any lattice but I think you have to paint or stain it if using it outdoors. finish it with something to make it water proof, even spraypaint made for this purpose.
  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Jun 11, 2014
    google 'lattice projects'
  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Jun 11, 2014
    grow ivy on it?or some other crawling plant-flowering would be pretty.
  • Trish Davenport Trish Davenport on Jul 19, 2014
    I bought vinyl lattice in white to go over a section of my orange kitchen wall. It is stunning..
  • Trish Davenport Trish Davenport on Jul 19, 2014
    I haven't moved into the house yet Susan T. But I'll take one for you tomorrow.
  • Trish Davenport Trish Davenport on Oct 14, 2014
    @ Susan T: I promised you this picture last July, sorry for the long delay.
  • Barbara Chesser Barbara Chesser on Feb 14, 2015
    I made a headboard using lattice. Also used it to make a background for mirrors.
  • Sheri Manning Sheri Manning on Feb 22, 2015
    I used small screws, and screwed it to my sliding door screen door. So when the dog claws at the door, doesn't rip the screen door
  • Judith hayes Judith hayes on Oct 13, 2015
    Choose accent wall and paint wall with one color from your " accent". Colors. Then use Ralph Lauren tool to create a 2tone patina using contrasting colorwith base color. Attach lattce to wall ( patina will show through) and paint Ralph Lauren metallic gold. WALA!!!
  • Peg Lee Peg Lee on Oct 13, 2015
    living in Cal. yrs ago I turned my apt lvrm into shabby cheap garden room.took lattice-cut down onto 1x1 frame for cornice w shelf on top for slider window.used on wall of patio w lg pots of climbing roses to train upwards on .used a piece to cover dining side of kitchen counter.trimmed around plain old wood stools for counter w cushion tops -all painted w spray-but discovered quickly PRIME first or endless coats of paint !!
  • Trish Davenport Trish Davenport on Mar 05, 2016
    What did you finally decide to do with a ll that left over lattice. I'd love to know because I have some left over too.
  • Barbara Chesser Barbara Chesser on Nov 19, 2016
    I'm in the process of redecorating my bedroom (again) so I can't take any pictures. We used 4 X 4's for the posts and added old finials to the tops. We used some kind of saw (sorry can't remember the name of it) and made a slit in the middle wide enough to attach the lattice. Then we attached the posts to the frame of the bed. For the mirrors we had a piece 36 inches square and put caps on the cut side of the lattice attached it to the wall and mounted two mirrors to it. The top of the lattice we used an old quilt rack that had a shelf on the top and mounted it to the wall. We also used another piece of lattice and mounted it to another wall and mounted a full mirror on it and the lattice was wide enough that it framed the mirrors. I hope this makes since.
  • Sls32892805 Sls32892805 on Mar 14, 2018

    use As A Matting In A Frame, Maybe

  • Barb Adams Barb Adams on Mar 14, 2018

    Lattice would make cute wainscoting in a breakfast room.

  • I've seen people use it to decorate the wood frame around a bathtub in a rustic home. Also, you could paint it or stain it a fun color, mount it behind a desk and use it as a bulletin board with clothespins or tacks.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Apr 03, 2023

    Screens, Cladding for Ceilings or Walls. Furniture or Plant Pot covers etc.

  • Mogie Mogie on Apr 03, 2023

    You could paint it and use it like beadboard on the lower half of the walls.

    If you know someone who sells items at a swap meet it is great to hang items for sale on.

    Would make cute shutters on a kids playhouse.

  • Use it as an organizer - add hooks and/or knobs.

  • If the lattice was pressure treated, you shouldn't use it indoors. You could maybe make some planter covers for outside or artfully hang it on a fence or wall for some climbing plants.

  • Libbie B Libbie B on Jan 28, 2024

    I used a piece as a headboard. It's pretty in a cottage bedroom.