How to clean a glass stove top from burned material?


Part of the dish cloth is burned on the glass stove top. I don't want to use an abrasive type cleaner for fear of scratches. What can I use?

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  • Stephrcourt Stephrcourt on Mar 07, 2019

    Barkeepers friend, magic eraser , and elbow grease

  • Pamela Pamela on Mar 07, 2019

    In the supermarket they sell cleaners , just for this purpose ! Look in the cleaning aisle.

  • Pjo26908388 Pjo26908388 on Mar 07, 2019

    It is recommended to use a scrubby sponge and it works on some things. I use a razor blade paint scraper- carefully at a 45 degree angle. It works great and doesn't use chemicals.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Mar 07, 2019

    Soak the burn for at least an hour. See what releases. I use a Widget on my top and it never scratches. Find them in the hardware gadget section. They're just a single edge razor blade in a holder. Swipe at a 45' angle and everything should come off. More will come with a polish paste of baking soda and a bit of water. Rinse and your original shine should be back.

  • Katz Goodwin Katz Goodwin on Mar 08, 2019

    Buy (gel) type drain cleaner,the kind that unclogs drains. Soak the area for 20 minutes or so . No bad odors like the spray cleaners and will clean most anything. I even use it inside my oven and on the racks. I paint it on the racks with a paint brush and leave them sit .They look like new . Be sure to wash off every thing well.

  • Lin Lin on Mar 09, 2019

    We always use the Rosebud scrubbers from Amway, now marketed as Scrub buds from Legacy of clean. Has never scratched the glass top and makes cleaning a breeze. As another poster suggested, dampen the area first, I would suggest using a cloth or paper towel soaked in vinegar, let it sit for at least half an hour then begin the process of removal. A tool with the razor edge would be a good start as well to loosen the larger pieces.

  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Mar 17, 2021

    Hi Sonia, perhaps one of these will help - - Best of luck