How do I clean a black gas stovetop , gas burners ,grates and burners?


My stove is only 2 years old . I clean it every couple of days and after any little spill with Dawn dish soap and rinse well. Secondly I clean with windex streak free solution. The grates I put into dish washer. I`m so sorry I bought a black stove.

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  • Kim Kachelski Kim Kachelski on Jun 14, 2019

    I hear ya about that black stove. I have heard of using easy off on the grates, if they are cast iron they shouldn't go in the dishwasher. Is your stove streaky? If so I have used wd40. No kidding, I only do it if we are having company. Be sure to wipe ALL of the wd40. I also use a steam cleaner. ...Love that thing!

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jun 14, 2019

    I've used a spray degreaser such as orange o or similar. Let it sit for several minutes, then rinse well. To shine, I use a combination of vinegar, alcohol and water with 3 drops of Dawn. Spray, then buff dry with dry, lint-free cloth

  • Cheryl A Cheryl A on Jun 14, 2019

    I have a black top stove and use Clorox disinfecting wipes to clean the grease and dirt off then wipe down with paper towel sometimes I may need to use glass cleaner as well -the Mr Clean Magic wipes (pads) work great too