How to clean dishwasher?


My dishwasher not cleaning. It's a Frigidaire, about 5 years old. I've tried 2 different dishwasher cleaners. I'm now washing by hand. I think I remember seeing something about Borax on here. Help me!

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  • Kathy crook Kathy crook on Sep 26, 2018

    Put a 1/2 cup baking soda in soap dispenser or right in the machine. and vinegar in the rinse cycle. All sparkly clean.....great on glasses that have become cloudy too

  • Alice Alice on Sep 26, 2018

    How to Clean a Dishwasher With Borax

    1. Dampen a sponge with water. Sprinkle borax liberally onto the sponge.
    2. Scrub the inside door and bottom floor of the dishwasher with the sponge. Wipe along the edges of the door to remove grime. ...
    3. Dust ¼ cup of borax powder onto the bottom floor of the dishwasher next time you are running a load of dishes.

  • Pat Pat on Sep 26, 2018

    First, does your dishwasher have a removable filter in the bottom that you can take out and clean? If it does, that could be your problem....if not, maybe the arms on your dishwasher are plugged. Try running an empty dishwasher, normal setting and two cups of vinegar in a dish on the lower rack. (Vinegar wash is what my manual says). Vinegar should clean out the holes in the arms also. I use Finish Quantum Max for my dishwasher detergent and does a very good job. With that, it contains a rinse agent so no need to add more.


  • William William on Sep 26, 2018

    A lot of ways to do it from other Hometalkers.

  • Kmdreamer Kmdreamer on Sep 26, 2018

    One cup of borax and one cup white vinagar run the longest cycle let air dry