How do I clean the face of my iron?


I tried rubbing a bar of soap, turning on the iron till it 'bubbled' and then ironing on a terry towel, more than once, BUT, it didn't work. Any other suggestions? Maybe I've left it on there too long, I don't know.

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  • Janice Janice on Aug 30, 2018

    Hi Diane, I remember my Mom using wax paper and table salt. She placed about a Tablespoon of salt on a 15-18" piece of wax paper, heated the iron and then ironed on that. The abrasiveness of the salt and the waxiness of the wax paper "scrubbed" the gunk off the iron. Then wipe with a clean moist cloth. It may take more than one time....just use another piece of wax paper and more salt. Hope this helps you! This was on a plain old iron....not one of the new teflon or other type of coated ones.

  • Cindy Cindy on Aug 30, 2018

    If it isn't a Teflon coated iron do like we did back in the old days...a good old fashioned SOS pad. Do it in water to moisten but not dripping. Use it on a cold iron. Wipe off the residue with a soft damp rag. To make sure everything is off run the iron over a damp towel before using it on clothes. Good luck.

  • Colleen McAllister Colleen McAllister on Aug 30, 2018

    In the past I have tried ironing waxed paper. You can also use crumpled foil as a scrubber.

  • AmAtHome AmAtHome on Nov 10, 2018

    I used the instructions in the link, the baking soda /water paste worked great!