How to remove stickers from the refrigerator

by Mag2028044

How can I get rid of the adhesive from stickers that my child puts on the refrigerator?

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  • Sibby2 Sibby2 on Aug 03, 2015
    Eucalyptus oil will remove them.
  • Amy Anson Amy Anson on Aug 03, 2015
    In Walmart or Home Depot they sell something called Goof Off. It is the best stuff on the planet for removing sticker adhesive. Just pour on and wipe off. It smells a little like lighter fluid but it works like a charm! I use it to remove all the stickers from my glasses and plates from the Dollar Store. And if you've ever purchased any glass wear from them you'll know what a hassle it is. Not anymore. Good luck!
  • Cori H Cori H on Aug 03, 2015
    Soak the residue with baby oil or vegetable oil and let it sit for a few minutes. Some areas may need a longer "treatment" than others, but it will eventually come off. I have also heard white vinegar works too, but have never tried that personally, so I do not know how effective it would be.
  • Dawn-Michele Shipley Dawn-Michele Shipley on Aug 03, 2015
    Spray with WD 40... let soak then scrape off with something that will not scrape paint, like a plastic knife... etc.
  • Cathy David Rieger Cathy David Rieger on Aug 03, 2015
    "goo Gone" peal off layers
  • MSK MSK on Aug 03, 2015
  • LD LD on Aug 03, 2015
    Instead of using high price products, just use rubbing alcohol and cause pads to remove glue.
  • Carole Carole on Aug 03, 2015
    I use eucalyptus oil. Just rub with a cotton ball lightly soaked with the oil. Leaves a lovely fresh scent too :)
  • Wanda.ll Wanda.ll on Aug 04, 2015
    You can use PAM to spray ( or coconut spray )and leave for awhile and it will soften the stuff and take off the stickey part. .
  • Heidi Geores Heidi Geores on Aug 05, 2015
    OliveOil or Mayo
  • Diana Deiley Diana Deiley on Feb 05, 2016
    Goo Gone works on just about anything and it's non abrasive.