Asked on Aug 11, 2012

My stainless Maytag dishwasher has rust on it ... any recommendations on how to get it off?

My dishwasher is over a year old. And I can't vouch for it never getting a swipe of a sponge that may have had some 409 on it ... so I can't go back to the manufacturer. I'm looking for some cleaning ideas on how to get rid of the rust marks ... Thanks!
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  • LandlightS LandlightS on Aug 11, 2012
    409 should not have any effect on stainless steel.......before going back to the manufacturer. test the "stainless steel" with a magnet. If the magnet attaches to the door panel of the washer......then it is not "real stainless steel" and then you have an argument. Try the retailer where you made the purchase. Hope my opinion helps Gary
  • @Gary, the magnet sticks. It's not real stainless. But it's still rusty. Any suggestions on how to get the rust stains off?
  • Fine steel wool will remove the stains. But they will return. The primary reason for the rust is the metal that was covered over by the stainless coating they put on the machine has been compromised. And because of this it will continue to happen. I too suggest as Landlights has, go back to the retailer who told you this was stainless as they mislead you. Challenge them and see what they say. Do you have the model and brand of the unit?
  • Sherrie Sherrie on Aug 13, 2012
    I agree with Woodbridge. There is another option also. My late husband had a repair business and a lot of times Maytag will work with you if it isn't a unreasonable amount of time. They will send the part to a qualified repairman and sometimes you have to pay for labor, but sometimes they will waive that fee. If you decide to call be professional.. Tell them that you purchased it under good faith that this would be a quality product. I have done warrenty work with many dealers and most of the time they are very reasonable. They want to keep their customers. If you have had it a long time and the rest won't come off as in the suggested post above go to used appliance stores take the parts with you and see if they can match them up. Or get the model number and order them, but if you have purchased this product within the last two years the manufactor will usually work with you.
  • Linda Harrison Linda Harrison on Aug 14, 2012
    Not sure if this will work, but don't think it would hurt. Have you tried "bartender's helper"?? You can find it near all of the cleaning supplies in your grocery or stores like Walmart. I have used it through the years to get rust stains out of clothing, my porcelin sink and also it is agood cleaner for countertops and it is not abrasive..
  • Anna M Anna M on Sep 10, 2012
    I would recommend trying white vinegar because it's great for getting rust off of pretty much anything. You can also try Bar Keepers Friend (I think that's what @Linda meant), it's good at getting stains off of things but I've never tried it on rust. Good luck!
  • Dolores Bridgers Dolores Bridgers on Nov 13, 2015
    This is what i use,the name is Wink stain& rust remover its in a brown bottle, i put half in a spray bottle half with water then spray on the inside of the tub wait about 20mins then i put the rinse cycle on after that ur readyto do ur washing you can buy it at walmart or food lion/winn dixes stores,dollar general carrys their brand but i cant think of the name but it works but u half to use full streght sometimes 2bottles, hope this works for you!!