My washer smells musty, how can I get rid of the smell?

What can I do to remove musty smell from my washing machine?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Feb 03, 2016
    Run baking soda and white vinegar through a cycle.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Feb 03, 2016
    I have a front loader and was told to always keep the door open for a while after each wash. That will prevent the musty smell. to get rid of the smell I run vinegar through the cycle, also.

  • MN Mom MN Mom on Feb 03, 2016
    There are several washing machine cleaners available at stores. One is a Tide product. I always leave my washer open and remove the laundry as quickly as possible so moisture doesn't stay trapped.

  • Tula Tula on Feb 03, 2016
    They sell washer cleaners at the groceries store or Home Depot.

  • S Ross S Ross on Feb 03, 2016
    Thank you. I just thought these might be a home remedy.

  • Denis Denis on Feb 03, 2016
    First run vith baking soda and secunde vith white vinegar trought a high temperatue cycle.

  • Rita Rita on Feb 03, 2016
    Front loader: use borax every wash load. Leave door open when not in use. Wipe door seal often as stuff gets trapped in there. Top Loader: 1-2 gals vinegar, full tub of hot water, normal speed, let wash through full cycle. Wipe other parts with vinegar too. Vinegar gets rid of soap scum that can trap odours. Can try vinegar with front loader but it hasn't worked as well in our machine. Hope this helps.

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    • Geri Geri on Feb 04, 2016
      We ended up taking the top off of our top loader and there was a bunch of wet lint collected around the rim. once we cleaned that up the smell was gone. It was really strong mildew smell for awhile and I thought we were going to have to get rid of the washer! Good luck and hope that helps! Geri in Tallahassee FL

  • CK CK on Feb 03, 2016
    Is your washer a front loading one? If so, I'd try running an empty load with bleach and hot water. When the cycle is done, leave the door open so it can air dry. I have a front loading washer and the instructions say to do that about once a month. However...I'm lucky that my laundry room is large enough to leave the door open all the time, thereby always allowing it to dry out after laundry day. But, if your washer is in a 'laundry closet' as many newer homes have, you can still position something between the door so it doesn't close completely when not in use (thereby letting it air dry). Now...if your washer is a top loading one, clean with bleach as I described above, then leave the door open after every use. I think the smell will go away and not return. Let's hope so :-)

    • S Ross S Ross on Feb 03, 2016
      No, my washer is nit front loading. I might try the bleach anyway. Thanks.

  • Diana of all Trades Diana of all Trades on Feb 03, 2016
    I leave the top up on mine now. I think the accumulated lint stays wet and gets moldy and creates that smell.

  • Shari Lemieux Shari Lemieux on Feb 04, 2016
    I tried the bleach and the baking soda and vinegar but neither worked. I was given a trial package of those scented beads that you put in the laundry so I decided to try leaving a few of those beads in the washing machine after I am finished the laundry. The next load I do has the scented beads in it. This has worked for me.

  • Patty Lou Linn Patty Lou Linn on Feb 04, 2016
    I use Young Living the Purification will remove smell of any sort

  • Marlene Perrotta Marlene Perrotta on Feb 04, 2016
    My solution to smells in the dishwasher or the washing machine is to run a cup of vinegar through a hot water cycle. This should eliminate the odors.

  • Patricia Bell Patricia Bell on Feb 04, 2016
    I have a front loader washer and was told to always leave the door open when not in use. I also have found that you need to clean the inside of the large gasket that lines the inside of the washer. Other than that I can suggest a product called OdoBan. I purchase this at Sam's Club. It takes away all,odors and leaves a pleasant fresh smelling aroma. It also,kills 99.9% of all,household germs. I have dogs and this is what I use exclusively. Hope this helps.

  • Polly Zieper Polly Zieper on Feb 04, 2016
    if the musty smell persists you might have to go around/into the rubber seal on the washer door with a small brush or toothbrush, with vinegar. I know people with front loaders who do this every few washes.

  • S Ross S Ross on Feb 04, 2016
    Thanks for all the answers. We will take the top off and look for the lint. I have a feeling that is what it is.

  • Pam G Blaxton-Dowd Pam G Blaxton-Dowd on Feb 04, 2016
    Vinegar is my answer. I use it for my washer, dishwasher, and by adding baking soda for all drains, toilets and the garbage disposal. For a front load washer, add the vinegar to the load just before shutting the door and turning on the water. I use the vinegar regularly and never have the odor problems. I get the vinegar at Costco if you have one nearby. Cheaper there.

  • Deb Deb on Feb 04, 2016
    If you have a front loading washer you may need the pump filter cleaned out. It is easy to do yourself. Remove the front panel UNDER the door. There is a drain pipe with a screw out in it. If you unscrew it and reach in you will see all kinds of gunk. It needs to come out. After it is cleaned out every month run a wash cycle with cleaning vinegar or plain white vinegar. It stays nice for a long time. My repairman said the pump filter needs to be cleaned every six months and more often if you have cats, dogs,etc. my washer is a whirlpool duet. Hope this helps and it will save you a $100 service call.

  • Johnchip Johnchip on Feb 04, 2016
    Can you say a run with vinegar and baking soda?

  • Dgreen Dgreen on Feb 04, 2016
    When I bought my front loading, the lady said to leave the door open between washes to discourage mildew.

  • Ashadowknows Ashadowknows on Feb 04, 2016
    Especially clean the rubber gaskets with vinegar/baking soda

  • Trudy Trudy on Feb 04, 2016
    I just run bleach through it, and check for gunk in the front door gasket, too. I do leave the door open for a day to let it dry out.

  • Martine Arnold Martine Arnold on Feb 05, 2016
    use simple vinegar instead of rinse agent ..use in every load for a while and after the smell is gone use in at least 1 load a week...keep door open and dry the rubber after your last load..

  • Denis Denis on Feb 06, 2016
    Oll is OK