How can I clean the soap from the shower doors and walls?


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  • DesertRose DesertRose on Jul 28, 2019

    Some people use Shower to Shower to clean and keep clean the inside of the showers, just use after each shower. However, we hate using toxins so my husband ordered a Hurricane Turbo Scrubber. It comes with 5 or so brushes and recharging station. It takes all the "hard" out of hard work. You can get them now at Walmart and possibly other retail stores. It is also good for any difficult cleaning such as tires, stove range, ovens, anything. We use our usual non toxic cleanser and it does great.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Jul 28, 2019

    I clean professionally and I use a soap scum remover such as scrubbing bubbles or lysol power bath. Spray it on, let sit for several minutes, then scrub gently with a little nylon scrubby. Rinse. This shouldn't need to be scrubbed if you keep up on it. Just spray, let sit, rinse.

  • Faith Faith on Jul 28, 2019

    I mix dish soap and baking soda with some water to make a paste. Smear it on the walls, then scrub with a stiff brush (I got a round Libman pot scrubber at the dollar store just for cleaning the shower). Takes a little elbow grease and some time the first time, but if you keep up with it, future cleanings are much easier and faster.

  • Lori E Dunbar Lori E Dunbar on Jul 28, 2019

    Cleaning a bathtub or shower with a fabric softener sheet can remove scum. White vinegar is a good remover of residue.

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jul 30, 2019

    I agree with the vinegar. It cuts soap really well. Just put it in a spray bottle and spray it on, let it sit a minute if necessary and scrub with a non abrasive sponge or scrubby and rinse.

  • Froggie229 Froggie229 on Jun 08, 2020

    I got this tip from a friend. The smell isn't pleasant but boy does it work.

    Heat 1/2 cup of white vinegar to near boil ( I used my Microwave till I saw bubbles)

    Put the heated vinegar in a spray bottle and add 1/2 cup of Dawn dish washing liquid..

    Stray the shower and the doors. WALK AWAY!

    allow it to sit for an hour or more. You can spray the shower down with water or use a soft cloth. I have never had to scrub my shower again. It's amazing the color of the water... you can see the scum coming off. I love this process so much but the smell not so much.. lol

  • Julie Carter Julie Carter on Jun 10, 2021

    doesn't CLR Kitchen & Bath spray work?

  • Ronii Ronii on Jun 21, 2021

    I use an all-purpose cleaner with a magic eraser

  • Brandi Brandi on Dec 29, 2021

    Magic erasers work really well for shower walls, tubs, sinks and filmy surface. On glass door follow with windex

  • B hill B hill on Dec 29, 2021

    My favorite is diluted bleach and Pinetop do not allow to sit on rubber spray wait and wipe no other chemicals needed

  • Leti Leti on Mar 07, 2022

    dawn soap, magic eraser clean in circles then spray with bleach and water!! Rinse with hot water.