How do I get the bathroom brush to make the bathroom to smell good?

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  • Betty Albright-Bistrow Betty Albright-Bistrow on Aug 03, 2018

  • Jeannie wallace Jeannie wallace on Aug 03, 2018

    Keep your brush well drained and clean it regularly. Cleaning your toilet with a bleach solution with added scent can help. Make sure your drains are cleaned regularly since hair and gunk caught in the drain will cause odors. Chose your cleaning solutions for strength plus scent. You could even start making your own cleaning products and they add essential oils which put amazing scents in your home. Hope this gives you some ideas to solve your problem.

  • Ellis Ellis on Aug 05, 2018

    Try Clorox Toilet Wand. It's a handle that you attach Clorox-infused sponges to, and they do work better than a brush. Then press the button on the handle, and throw away the used sponge. This system cleans better than a toilet brush--it gets the mineral stains from water that are just beneath the rim.

    • Patti Patti on Aug 06, 2018

      But if you put the used part in the trash will it have a nasty smell after awhile. I clean my toilet a lot but only empty trash once a week because it's just me.