How do you clean water spots off glass block tile in a shower?

I have glass block tiles in my shower. I need an environmentally friendly way to clean water spots off the glass.

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  • Pamela Pamela on Apr 10, 2019

    Hi , I would try a mix of hot water , white vinegar and a drop of dawn dish detergent. Then I would use a non scratch

    Scrubber and go to work ... after I would rinse with cold water , it gets rid of suds faster. Then I would use a glass cleaner. I would use a squeegee, if it works on the glass cubes... Then finish with a cleaner call repel, it helps keep the water from staining . I do this once a month. If the squeegee works with your blocks , keep it next to or in the shower, and use it each time you shower!

  • Dfm Dfm on Apr 10, 2019

    vinager is a mild acid and should help make the spots gone. I have also made a paste of baking soda and scrubbed with that. when you get the water spots gone, spray your shower with a cooking spray, rainx etc. those will keep the spots away.