How do u get ink out of bottom of leather purse.

  4 answers
  • Maureen Dunne Maureen Dunne on Dec 31, 2017
    Have you tried hair spray?

  • Eroque022810 Eroque022810 on Dec 31, 2017
    Try hairspray. Spray and wipe but not on silk or leather.

  • Ton27204644 Ton27204644 on Dec 31, 2017
    hair spray and keep dabbing

  • V Smith V Smith on Dec 31, 2017
    Alcohol is the solvent for ink, that is why hairspray works. If it is rough leather (like the underside) I would try scraping some of the ink off. I would put the alcohol on a cloth and wipe quickly. If you soak the leather the ink may bleed thru to the outside and stain the purse. It would be better to do the job in stages, letting it dry between cleaning attempts.