How to get a red stain out of light colored carpet?

by Col216845
Red Mio water flavoring in water was spilled on a tan carpet.
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  • Oxi-clean always has commercials showing red stains being removed with their product on carpet. Just do not use anything that adds heat to the process. Heat will set it in. There are commercial cleaning kits that you can get at most larger carpet stores that use several chemicals that are safe for the type of carpet you have. You may be much better off checking in with them before you try any home method that may only end up setting the stain in. You need to know the type of carpet you have. Different kits for different carpets.
  • Welch Creative Lighting Welch Creative Lighting on Sep 02, 2013
    I use Spot Shot for every kind of carpet stain...from red wine to cat vomit!
  • Therese C Therese C on Sep 02, 2013
    Saturate the stain with white vinegar, dump on enough baking soda to cover, then when it starts to bubble, and it will bubble..flip a bowl upside down over it over night. In the morning when it is dry, just vacuum it all up and good by stain!
  • Julity Shame Julity Shame on Aug 30, 2021

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  • BObby WerhoWskii BObby WerhoWskii on Aug 31, 2021

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    Upon discovering the red stain, it's important to act as quickly as possible before the stain sets into the carpet fibers. Use a few clean paper towels to soak up any red stain.