Asked on Aug 04, 2015

Can anyone tell me how to remove the plastic backing from curtains?

by Ellen
The curtains were washed and when I took them from the washer, the plastic backing was sticking to each other in places. When I tried to separate them they began to peel off. So now I have curtains that looks good inside in the night but tacky in the day. Any suggestions as to how to remove the remaining backing? I thing it's a type of PVC backing.
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  • Z Z on Aug 04, 2015
    How bad is it? Can you share pictures please? If it's not too bad, you might be able to repair it, as the backing is for insulation, with silicone caulk as in the instructions here:
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    • Z Z on Aug 10, 2015
      @Ellen, actually you might need the insulation even more to keep your home cooler from the radiant heat of the sun. What temp did you wash them in? That could have been what caused the problem and could also help you remove more of the backing. These type of curtains need to be washed in cold water. You can also put them in the dryer on high heat. This will make harden and crack the latex.
  • Judy Gollihue Hahn Judy Gollihue Hahn on Aug 05, 2015
    I would have to put wax paper over the backing and use an old iron as hot as you can on the paper and while it's still pallable finish taking off all the rest..but that's me. Or buy new panels at Big Lots....
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    • Ellen Ellen on Aug 10, 2015
      Hi Becky, thanks for the reminder. I will try a small area first and see how that goes. Thanks.
  • Linda Larsen Veraldi Linda Larsen Veraldi on Sep 07, 2019

    My drape stuck to itself. I washed cold and dried low. I unstuck it by using a hair dryer and gentle peeled apart.

  • Joan Joan on Oct 01, 2020

    Is there something I can put into the washing machine, like a solvent to wash off the remaining stick stuff?