How to revitalize weather worn canvas...

by DMarie
We have some well made, sturdy, outdoor chairs. Problem is, they've been outdoors for years! I'm currently sanding and varnishing the wood frames. The canvas backs and seats can't be removed. All the info I can find on the internet only speaks to how to clean, however, these aren't dirty, just dry and stiff. Open to suggestions! Thanks!

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  • Ken Ken on Jun 15, 2018

    I found a canvas restorer for convertible car tops on Amazon under the "Protex" brand name. It may be your answer if your canvas has not weakened. Lots of them are for black tops but if you dig through their offerings there is what appears to be a product that is clear.

    • DMarie DMarie on Jun 16, 2018

      Thanks for the info. I'm going to try some mineral oil, per another suggestion and if it doesn't work, I'll go to Amazon to see what they've got. Thanks!

  • Franklinrawley Franklinrawley on Jun 15, 2018

    are these installed with rods thru a cut open gap in the chair? if so, you will have to take one good one back and one seat and use that for a template for new ones.

    • DMarie DMarie on Jun 15, 2018

      They are sewn snugly around a wooden frame. I will consider your suggestion and thanks for taking the time to respond!

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Jun 15, 2018

    They can be painted with exterior fabric paint

  • Renee Brown Renee Brown on Jun 16, 2018

    I just did some research on how to restore heavy vinyl fabric on a spa cover. I have not tried it yet, but they say to use mineral oil (not spirits). It brings back the suppleness and flexibility of the vinyl. Let me know if it works please. I think you have the sane exterior vinyl canvas fabric on your chairs...the way it sounds.

    • DMarie DMarie on Jun 16, 2018

      Thanks, I'll give it a shot. If it works, I'll post it!

  • Ken Ken on Jun 19, 2018

    Just be aware that if the mineral oil does not work you are stuck with the results. Adding another product that may not be compatible could result in undesirable results, like a treatment that was intended to dry but will remain sticky when combined with the mineral oil.