How do I get rust and skid marks out of gold silk material?

Flood damaged but is about 2 yards of fabric but is a finished piece with only a quarter size rust spot and two 2 inch long skid marks from shoes? Rust is from a hair clip.
I included two pictures, one of a skid mark and the other because I am asking for fabric identification. I believe it is taffeta. I got it at a yard sale but never used it and now it is damaged. Any ideas? Thank you.
q stain
q stain
Skid mark
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  • Flipturn Flipturn on Oct 29, 2017
    The fabric looks to me like synthetic. The drape of it does not seem like real silk, and due to the sheen I would also guess that there may be also be some rayon or viscose content.

    The fastest way to determine if fabric is genuine silk or not, is to do a burn test. Cut a little piece off of a corner and put a flame to it. Make sure you do this carefully, such as over concrete, or near water.

    Sillk: burns with the smell of burnt hair, the flame is invisible, and the flame will stop burning as soon as the flame is removed. The ash is black, crispy and brittle and will turn to powder when twisted in your fingers.
    Synthetic: burns with a smell of plastic. No ash is produced. The piece will appear as if it has melted, and will harden when cooled.

    • Rembatb Rembatb on Oct 29, 2017
      Thank you Flipturn, this was quite educational. Here's a pic but it sure does smell just like I singed my hair!!! Wow. Thanks for the info so fro here I can learn how to get skid marks out of silk fabric. I know it is not pure silk because I have that but this definitely smelled like singed hair .

  • Jul28224211 Jul28224211 on Oct 29, 2017
    Rust comes Out of some fabrics with a vinegar and water soak

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    • Rembatb Rembatb on Nov 06, 2017
      I'm sorry to say that I did try the vinegar and it didn't work, but I am grateful that you shared with me an idea to try!

  • Flipturn Flipturn on Oct 29, 2017
    That's an interesting result, as I would have thought from the original picture posted that the fabric was a synthetic. I can see the black bead though in the second picture, so it would seem then that your fabric is a silk blend.

    As far as the skid marks, could they be a kind of grease like from a trolly wheels? Rub a little against the black mark. If it smears then it is probably grease.

    To remove, make a paste of cornstarch and let sit a while on the stain. Using a soft brush see if the grease stain lifts off.
    Rinse with cool water. Then using a gentle dishwashing soap hand wash the cornstarch, and hopefully the grease stain, both out.

  • Rembatb Rembatb on Nov 06, 2017
    Flipturn7, you were correct... It was grease and you were right again... The cornstarch method got out the grease! The difference in color on the sheen was where the material had been worn thin. My guess is that it was "rubbed" thin during the flood and movements during that time? Thank you! Here is a picture to show the results!