How do I clean the floor tiles from dirt and grime?

I have floor tiles all my living room floor and kitchen floor. Some areas in my living and kitchen room is getting very dirty, and black. I use swifter to clean the floors but swifter does not clean the dirt on the heavy traffic areas. Swifter only makes the floors wet but it does not clean the heavy dirty areas. Should I use clorax with water to clean the dirt and grime off the floor? Please I need advice and help, what do you suggest?

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  • Lizbeth Lizbeth on Feb 01, 2019

    Bleach on floor tiles wouldn't be my choice. I'd use a bottled cleaner expressly made for floor cleaning that is stronger than Swiffer solution. There are alot of them available and I honestly don't have a real preference as they all seem to clean well. If one of those doesn't work I'd use something like Pine-Sol diluted according to the package instructions. In my experience, Swiffer Wet is great for general floor maintenance if used frequently but it's not good for cleaning really dirty areas (as you say.) If you do decide to use a bleach solution I'd test it in an inconspicuous area first and let it dry before doing the entire floor. (And whatever you use, I'd mop the entire floor with it while concentrating your scrubbing on the dirtier areas, of course. Otherwise, the floor is likely to look streaky.) It's also *possible* the tiles are wearing out in areas with a lot of foot traffic. If that's the case, part or all of the black you see isn't dirt at all but is due to the surface layer of the tiles wearing off.

    It might help cut down on the foot traffic grime to put mats *inside* the entrances from outdoors. But daily living is dirty! Good luck!

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Feb 01, 2019

    What kind of tiles are they ??? Peel n Stick, or ceramic. Aloha!

    • Therese Therese on Feb 02, 2019

      It is not peel and stick tile, it is called vinyl tile or may be called ceramic but I am not sure, but it’s cemented on the floor.

  • Ebbjdl Ebbjdl on Feb 03, 2019

    Therese, I'd wash with dish soap and water. Let it dry, and try mop n glow, for a finish. Don't use a ton of mop n glow, you just want a shine, not a buiild-up. Aloha!