Asked on Jul 31, 2015

Himalayan salt lamp leaked on dresser

Jean McCormick
by Jean McCormick
Please help! My Himalayan salt lamp leaked all over my heirloom dresser. I have no idea how long the salt has been there as I have been out of town for a month. (I'm still out of town; my son took this picture.) The lamp was not turned on; it may not even have been plugged in! (You can see the lamp sitting on the pink storage container on the left.) I have 3 of these lamps and I've never seen anything like this. How should I clean it off the wood?
Salt lamp leaked on dresser
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  • Pamelia Pamelia on Jul 31, 2015
    I would go google for someone who redo furnisher and ask them.... your dresser is very nice.... sorry I couldn't be much help....
  • Kathy Jerman Kathy Jerman on Jul 31, 2015
    I have the same salt lamp . There is nothing there to leak.
  • Yvonne White Yvonne White on Jul 31, 2015
    If not used for a period of time it will "leak" Mine sets on either marble or glass never wood, you should be able to google the problem & get it off.
  • Katrina Warren Katrina Warren on Jul 31, 2015
    @Jean McCormick Salt attracts moisture, & if not used often the moisture & salt crystals will begin to leak out. Using the salt lamp keeps it dried out. I would clean the dresser with whatever you normally use when dusting, if there is discoloration left after that, then you have a bigger problem to deal with.
  • Z Z on Jul 31, 2015
    The answer to how this happened is answered in the first question on the link below. If it is water damage, then you can more than likely clean it by wiping it with mayonnaise or oily furniture polish.
  • Z Z on Jul 31, 2015
    Here's more info on how to care for your lamp when leaving for extended periods of time.
  • IdahoPiggy IdahoPiggy on Jul 31, 2015
    "Restore a Finish" and #0000 Steel Wool should repair this to pristine condition. :-)
  • Jean McCormick Jean McCormick on Jul 31, 2015
    Thanks everyone!!
  • Peggy Leblanc Peggy Leblanc on Aug 02, 2015
    I had one leak so now I put all on a glass candle saucer no more worries
  • Jean McCormick Jean McCormick on Aug 20, 2015
    I decided to have my salt lamp taken to the kitchen counter and leave it turned it on. I am away from home for an extended period of time. My future daughter-in-law cleaned up what she could on my dresser with a slightly damp soft rag. Without asking me first, my husband used some Orange Glo for wood furniture on it. I won't see it with my own eyes until September. If it needs it, I plan to use Restore-A-Finish on it like IdahoPiggy suggested.