How to clean white furniture back to white?

Neva Barker
by Neva Barker

Can anyone help me figure out how to get nicotine stains off of white furniture. I obtained 2 white shelving units from Ikea along with a white coffee table, white end tables and a white curio cabinet. unfortunately whoever had them must have smokes because after washing them down I noticed they still have a slight yellowish /brownish color in streaks on some areas and was told it was nicotine. Ao I used a Mr Ckaan scrubbing pad, those white ones that disintegrate after a while. However it not only made my fingers sore for scrubbing so much I would have to buy at least 50 more to finish all of them. So does anyone k ow what I can used that will get them white again without hard scrubbing or costing me an arm and a leg?thanks here is picture of the cabinet. You can see some areas are streaked.

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