How to remove vinyl tablecloth from wood table.

Lyn Therese
by Lyn Therese
I wanted a vinyl tablecloth for my dining room table. I found some vinyl at Walmart, it looked like lace. It was on a roll and had to be measured out. There was no flannel on the back. I loved it though. Never thought about the backing. Just a few swipes and the table was clean. Had it for 2 years. Decided to replace it. I was left with a film from the vinyl cloth. It feels like wax but I can't find anything that will remove it from the wood. Any suggestions?
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  • Lyn Therese Lyn Therese on Jul 06, 2015
    I think this material is PVC. It is like the placemats that are sold today. Feels like vinyl.
  • Teri Broberg Teri Broberg on Jul 07, 2015
    I know that some rug pads do the same thing. What a mess.
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    • Teri Broberg Teri Broberg on Jul 07, 2015
      @Lyn Therese I avoided the problem because I knew that it happened to others. I don't know that they got it clean. I did have that problem with some mosaic tile that came on a mesh backing. The mesh fused to the back of the marble tiles below it because it weighed a ton (literally). We used denatured alcohol to get the sticky mess off. Someone here might know whether you can use that on your table. I think you can. I'd test an area first.
  • Slgibbs1 Slgibbs1 on Jul 07, 2015
    Greased lightening. If that fails, goo gone
  • Dee Dee on Jul 07, 2015
    Do NOT use Goo Gone it will strip the wood on the table. WD 40 is your best bet. Or you could try some cheap cooking oil.
  • Lyn Therese Lyn Therese on Jul 07, 2015
    I've tried the luck but maybe I'm not leaving it on long enough. How long would you suggest? I contacted a restorer of furniture and was told that it would have to be refinished.......Before I consider this, I want to try the cheaper route.....The table length involved is 72" before the leafs are in. What I'm concerned about is after it is refinished, it may look different then the added leafs.
  • Dee Dee on Jul 08, 2015
    I would pour oil on the table and then put paper towels on top and let it stay wet for a few hours. Then take a plastic scraper and try to get the gunk off in a small spot. If it works, do the rest of the table. If not leave it wet longer and try again. USE plastic very gently so it does not ruin the table top. Take your time, you should be able to get it off.
  • Kelly Twichell Herbert Kelly Twichell Herbert on Jun 23, 2018

    I had a vinyl/leather chair stuck in storage and it melted on my wood table, so I used wood oil and pledge and let it soak, then used a plastic scraper and got 90% off, but now the remaining will not come off!!! I've been doing it for over a week, letting it soak, scrap, repeat every day and now it will not come off without me damaging the wood. Doea WD40 ruin the wood????