What is best solution to clean grease off wood cabinets above stove?

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  • Ine11356185 Ine11356185 on Apr 15, 2017

    Murphy's Oil works very well

  • Jo Wilson Jo Wilson on Apr 15, 2017

    I use TSP to clean everything wood. Walls, cabinets indoors and out. It is a powder and inexpensive. Removes grease, mildew, marks, chemicals, whatever and leaves everything fresh and clean. My house is almost 100 years old so whenever we paint we wash everything down and then rinse and let dry.

  • Sharon Sharon on Apr 15, 2017
    • TSP can take the finish off wood cabinets, test in an inconspicious area first. I use Awesome All Purpose Cleaner, Degreaser and Spot Remover it really cuts through the grease and so far hasn't hurt the finish, or Awesome Oxygen Orange cleaner is my second best option. Both a $1 at the Dollar Tree.
  • Jamie Jamie on Apr 15, 2017

    I agree with Sharon on using Awesome. I bough the $1 size bottle with a sprayer, and a 64oz. $3 refill. Also use it on laundry stains and it's amazing! Another product is sold either on HSN or QVC called Shock It Clean that's stronger and is good for carpet stains, grills, tubs, tile, etc. It's a concentrate and the bottle makes about 30 or so spray bottles.

    • Pka10042364 Pka10042364 on May 04, 2017

      I love Awesome and it is the only heavy duty cleaner I keep in my house but it did damage some painted cabinets I used it on, so I suggest testing it in an inconspicuous spot first.

  • Mch22072597 Mch22072597 on May 04, 2017

    Stay away from TSP and Greased Lightning as they removed the finish on mine.

  • Pam Lindau Pam Lindau on May 04, 2017

    Murphy's Oil will clean them well but if you plan to paint them in the future you will need to use TSP to remove the oil residue

  • Annie Annie on Feb 29, 2024

    Here's a video that has some good tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zrEs-NYTWk